Tales and Tricks to Winning at Slots

Whether it’s the whirring noises or the flashing lights or just the sound of money piling up accompanied by the ding of winning bells, many people are attracted to the slot machines.  Playing the slot machines can be a lot of fun, especially if you end up winning.  There are a few tricks you can implement into your slot playing so you increase your chances of winning a few rounds or even the big jackpot.

Tip 1: Know your Machine

Some machines have a limit in regards to how many coins you can play.  That means that sometimes you won’t be the winner of a major jackpot because you can only put in a certain amount of coins and the jackpot usually happens based on the number of spins.  It’s called gambling for a reason, you don’t always get the chance to win.

Tip 2: Machine Selection

Play machines with 3 reels, rather than 4. You decrease your odds by millions when you play a 4 reel machine.

Tip 3: Maximum Coins

If you’re going to play on a slot machine you should use the maximum coins you can so your chances increase at winning a higher payout or even the jackpot.

Tip 4: Look For Loose Machines

Before you start playing slot machines you should know the percentage for paybacks.  Some places offer a 90 percent or better payback. You only want to play the machines with at least a 96% payout. Casinos never place 2 loose machines next to each other. Try to stick to machines in high traffic areas. These are usually the loosest.

Tip 5:  Keep a Budget

If you don’t have the means to gamble away your wallet you need to set a budget for yourself.  It’s so easy to just put “one” more coin in the slot machine.  Soon you’ll find yourself wondering what happened to your dinner money.  The jackpot is rare so don’t play until you win it play until your budget is gone.  The best way to do that is to have your bills already converted to coins and put them in a bucket already so you aren’t going back and converting more bills into coins.  You can choose to either set aside all your winnings or to use your winnings to keep playing longer until you don’t have any more coins.

Tip 6: Inexpensive Machines

Some games are inexpensive so you can still get the thrill of winning a jackpot without paying out nearly as much.

Tip 7: Two or More Coins

Sometimes the best way to win is to actually put out a little more which you can do when you have the option of putting two or possibly three coins in your machine at once.

Tip 8: Smaller Budget

In order to get the most out of your money (small budget or not) is to find machines that are going to have a higher payout.  Progressive slots found online usually have a lower payout than slot machines within a casino.

Tip 9: Jackpot

Once you hit the jackpot (whether it’s your first round or your twentieth) you should consider ending because you’re not likely to hit the jackpot again.

Tip 10: Progressives

Do not play progressive machines. Play the non-progressive, or flat rate, machines.

The slot machine is based off of chance and the statistics of a few wheels stopping on matching pictures or numbers.  People do win with slot machines because there are a few combinations that are considered lucky enough to be a win.  Playing on slot machines is about having fun and perhaps offers a slight distraction from every day stresses.  Have fun and good luck.

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Learning How to Win in Online Casinos

Learning How to Win in Online Casinos

Because of the opportunities found online, many people are turning to online casinos for their gambling recreation.  This affords people many new options because they don’t have to travel to a casino.  As with any gambling recreation there are risks to coming across people that know how to scam the system in order to win, but online gambling can still be a fun recreational activity that earns you a little extra cash if you know how to play the games right.  Would you like to know some of the tricks and strategies used by many frequent online gamblers? Then see below.


Tips for Winning Online Roulette

-When you choose a color in roulette, your chances of winning are higher if you wait until a pattern emerges (i.e. after 5 blacks in a row, play black to win).

-Have a betting progression before you begin.

-Play no longer than 20 minutes per session.

-Play different types of bets each session (i.e. red/black one session, dozens another session, lines another session, etc.)


Tips for Winning Online Poker

-Look for strategy cards for online poker games (some might cost money).

-As much as you’d like to get that straight or flush sometimes it’s best to sacrifice it.  You’ll have a higher chance of getting two pair than getting that one card to make your flush or straight.


Tips for Winning Online Slot Machines

-Observe how many spins happen on average before a win and bet with the lowest option you can bet on.

-Write what number of spins has the greatest payoff.  Once you get a decent winning, calculate how many spins it would take to get that amount again.

-Bet low until you get to that average spin that has the best payoff, then increase your bet so your winnings will be greater.


Tips for Winning Online Blackjack

-Look for online strategy helps for playing blackjack so you can win.

-Stick with a single value chip for online blackjack.  During the first round only bet one chip.  If you win bet one chip again and if you lose bet two chips each round.  If you start winning again go back to betting only one chip.  This means that when you lose you are betting less money than when you win.

There are plenty of tips to winning at an online casino that you can either find in a bookstore or online.  You aren’t limited to just reading, either. You can actually find programs that mimic the scenario of a casino so you can practice these tactics and any others you learn without the risk of losing money.  It’s a great way to learn the trade and find your own secret methods to succeeding at an online casino.  Once you’ve done all the research you can your chances of winning will be even better.

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