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Best Casino Welcome Bonus: 2018

Nearly all online casinos today offer welcome bonuses for new members to make their first deposit and start playing games. Let us look at a little more into detail about what features that the best casino welcome bonus has and other elements of this wonder bonus that nearly every online casino loves to offer.

What is a Casino Welcome Bonus?

One of the most important differences between an online casino and the traditional brick-and-mortar casino is the fact the former offers new players something called a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus is offered as an attraction for new players to become members. The Casino welcome bonus is undoubtedly the most popular and the largest kind of bonus that is offered to new members.

Some of the best casino welcome bonuses allow you to play for an extended period of time thereby increasing your chances at generating a good win. Many of the best casino welcome bonuses are offered to new entrants as soon as they enter their personal details and register with the particular casino. Most of the welcome bonuses are credited only when the customer makes his or her first deposit with the casino.

The best casino welcome bonuses are aimed at exhorting you to deposit more and play more. Yes, some of the best casino welcome bonuses work in the form of free money given to depositors which can be a huge advantage as it means as a player you get a lot more money to play with as compared to what you have initially deposited with the casino. Yet, you must remember that there are clear and fairly stringent rules when it comes to withdrawing these amounts.

Before we go on to the types of the best casino welcome bonus options available, let us look at some of the facts.

Facts: Best Casino Welcome Bonuses

Nearly all the best casino welcome bonuses are the biggest ones on offer by any online casino. They are largest form of bonuses you will ever receive from any casino

Even the best casino welcome bonuses are given only when a new member registers for the first time with the online casino. Once you have signed on and made your deposit and received your welcome bonus, it is never again offered to you at that particular casino.

The best casino welcome bonuses are those that are matched with your first deposit amount. Of course there are other types of welcome bonuses as well which are discussed later on in this article.

Some of the best casino welcome bonuses come in the form of matching the cash deposit, bonus paid in a staggered form, etc.

Importance of Choosing the Best Casino Welcome Bonus:

We all know that money does not grow on trees and the more money we get the happier we are. Moreover, the more money we have in our casino account, the more we can play and the more we can play the more chances we have to make a win. Therefore, it is important to do some shopping around and choose casinos that offer the best casino welcome bonus

Many of the best casino welcome bonus options can double and, sometimes, even triple your initial deposit thereby doubling or tripling the amount you can bet and play games with. It would be foolhardy to miss out on the benefits of the best casino welcome bonus options available to you.

While many of the best casino welcome bonuses are used to match the first deposit that you make with the particular online casino, there are other types of best casino welcome bonuses available too. Here are some of them discussed in a bit of detail.

Types of Best Casino Welcome Bonuses:

Cash Match Welcome Bonus – This is one of the best casino welcome bonus options available to you. It is also the most widely used type of welcome bonus offered by many online casinos. As you shop around for the best casino welcome bonuses on offer, you will notice signs and call-to-actions that say something like ‘$X’ offered free when you register with us.

Cash match welcome bonuses are free, that is true. However, there is a catch. It is important to remember that even the best casino welcome bonus options come with various stipulations. There is not much magic though there is an additional amount of money to play with. In the best casino welcome bonus of this type, you will have to make an initial deposit to claim this ‘free’ reward.

While you can choose to deposit any amount depending on the minimum amount required by the particular online casino, it is quite easy to understand that the more you deposit the more amount of bonus you will get. There are cash matches that range from 50% to even 200% of your initial deposit amount.

So, suppose you find a casino offering a 100% cash match, what it means is this: If you deposit $100 with this casino, they will deposit another $100 into your account. While you shop around for the best casino welcome bonus you want to benefit from, it is important to also read the terms and conditions. This will help you understand clearly when and how you will be able to withdraw your amount. Most of the best casino welcome bonus options come with minimum wagering requirements.

Staggered Cash Match Welcome Bonus – This kind of welcome bonus essentially works in a staggered manner to match your deposit with a higher percentage depending on the amount slab your deposit falls in. Let me illustrate this with an example of what Casino A has on offer:

  • If you deposit an amount between $50 and $99, Casino A will offer you 50% cash match welcome bonus
  • If you deposit an amount between $100 and $199, Casino A will offer you a 75% cash match welcome bonus
  • If you deposit an amount between $200 and $500, Casino A will offer you a 100% cash match welcome bonus
  • If you deposit an amount over $500, Casino A will offer you a 200% welcome bonus.

This is an example of a staggered welcome bonus.

Make Your Own Bonus – This is also a popular option among the best casino welcome bonuses. In this type, the casino will offer you an option to use a certain amount of credit it gives you within a stipulated period of time. This might seem like nothing but it is a lucrative type of welcome bonus because if you win anything during this period, you get to keep the winnings with little or no restrictions on withdrawal.

The money you win in that extra time given to you is considered to be your welcome bonus and hence the name, Make Your Own Bonus. However, like any betting game, if Lady Luck is not smiling down on you, there is a possibility that you don’t make any bonus for yourself with this kind of welcome bonus offering.

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How to Find the Best Casino Welcome Bonus Options on Offer in the World Wide Web

There are plenty of options that casinos keep giving claiming to be the best casino welcome bonus on offer that is currently available. However, you must make sure that this claim is right. So, here are some tips on finding the best casino welcome bonus for you to take advantage of.

Shop around for the best casino welcome bonus – Don’t take any casino’s claim for granted. Look at different online casinos and match the various best casino welcome bonuses on offer. Now, compare the ones you like best and choose the best from among these best casino welcome bonuses.

Another important thing to be watchful for is that most casinos keep upgrading their welcome bonuses. So, keep going back to them to refresh and recheck before making the final choice.

Always ensure you have checked the bonus percentage along with the maximum amount on offer – Many of the best casino welcome bonuses are rarely below 75%-100% cash match. Always check for this. Moreover, as explained under the staggered cash bonus match, please ensure you know what slab your initial deposit amount falls under and what bonus you are eligible for.

Many times, in our excitement, we forget to read an important element and that is the maximum amount. For example, a bold and brightly-colored advertisement on an online casino might read, “200% cash match on welcome bonus on offer; the best casino welcome bonus yet!” This sounds incredibly good, doesn’t it? However, in extremely fine print that can be easily missed, there will be a an addendum which reads like, “Up to a maximum of $50”

Now, if you have to compare this with another casino that does not have this maximum amount and yet offers only 100% cash match welcome bonus, you might find that the second one offers the best casino welcome bonus for your needs. So, please check these two elements of welcome bonuses before you take a final decision.

Always read the terms and conditions – It is very important to read the terms and conditions under any kind of bonus offering to understand the minimum wagering requirement and other such facets. There are some casinos which do not allow you to withdraw the winnings made from the bonus amount until such time you have wagered a minimum amount with your own deposit.

All this information and more will be clearly and unequivocally stipulated under the terms and conditions. It is, therefore, imperative you read them carefully before placing your initial deposit in return for a seemingly big fat welcome bonus.

Know that you can decline a welcome bonus if you wish to – While this may seem ludicrous to you at this point in time, it can turn out to be a boon later on if you are aware about this aspect of a welcome bonus. There are many online casinos which offer their clients an accumulated benefit if the welcome bonus is not taken at the time of registration.

If you are going to be a loyal member and are planning to increase your stakes with this particular casino, it might make sense not to take the welcome bonus so that you can benefit from the much bigger and, perhaps, less restrictive loyalty bonus given to long-term patrons. Please check this aspect out before making your decision.

It is better to play with your own money first before you touch the bonus amount – Many online casinos in fact insist on using up your own money before touching the bonus amount. However, there are some casinos that might allow you to play the bonus amount before but there will invariably be a stringent withdrawal clause which will prevent you from taking your winnings.

It is important to be wary of this and always play with your money first. That way, if you win big, you can choose to forfeit the bonus and take your winnings as you will not be bound by any restrictive clauses.

There are plenty of benefits from taking advantage of the best casino welcome bonuses that are on offer from the casino you wish to register with. Yet, it would be wise to read and understand all aspects of the bonus so that you don’t get caught unawares. Instead, you are ever prepared and ready to roll. Go on and have fun wagering!