The Biggest Progressive Jackpots – How To Win Them

A Brief History of Progressive
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Progressive slots did not exist in the beginning. They weren’t even possible until microchips were added in the 80s. Even so it wasn’t until the mid-80s when a slot machine manufacturer named IGT introduced them.

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Since there is a common jackpot being funded from many different machines, typically across different casinos, can mean these progressive jackpots can quickly grow to be very large. In Las Vegas it’s not unheard of where slots players have won over $8 million in a single win on a progressive jackpot. The modern-day counterpart is the online casino no download slots.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

A progressive jackpot grows by receiving a small amount of money from each and every bet. This generally means their payout on a normal win (non jackpot wins) is lower than that of regular slot machines. However, if you take the progressive jackpot into account the payout would be the same. This applies to internet and mobile progressive slots as well.

Let’s say you were playing in a Las Vegas casino on a linked progressive slots machine. If the bet is $5 per spin, your money could be divided as follows: .25 cents added to the progressive jackpot, $1.25 goes to the casino and the remaining $3.50 is paid out in regular non-jackpot wins. If, however, you were playing a non progressive slots game at that same casino it is likely that your money would be divided as follows: $1.25 to the casino and $3.75 paid out on wins.

The example above assumes the casino has a 75% payout rate. In truth, land based casinos typically have payout rates ranging from 70% to 87% on average. This is in marked contrast to the online casinos where the no download slots typically have payout rates from 89% up to as much as 99.5%!

So, for example, at a mobile casino with a 95% pay out rate the money you pay in on a $5 per spin no download progressive jackpot slot could be divided up something like this: $0.25 for the online casino, $0.25 added to the progressive jackpot and the remaining $4.50 is paid out in non-jackpot winnings.

Given these statistics it is not hard to see why many hard core slots players are now playing online from their computers or phones.

Online & Mobile Progressive Jackpot No Download Slots Games

So aside from the free drinks, playing online sounds more advantageous for the player (because it seems you should win more). However, since we have discussed how large the jackpots can be at land casinos, your next question should be just how large are progressive jackpots at online casinos? The answer to that is that they are growing all the time. The current record as of this writing is over $2.5 million! Progressive online no download slots typically involved names like Mega Moolah, Monster Madness and Aztec’s Millions.

There is no doubt that even after the 2.5 million has been won, a new record will be set within a space of less than a year as the rate at which progressive jackpots online are growing is amazing. Just a few years ago a jackpot of a little over $1 million held the record. It is the opinion of many that sometime within the next couple of years the highest jackpots will be being paid out from the online casinos.

So how do you pick a winner?

Once you know what the progressive jackpot starts at, what its highest payout was and what its average payout amount is, then choosing which progressive jackpot to play is really not all that complicated. Slotland’s offers progressive no download slots and their site gives you this information, including their current progressive jackpot amount.

Obviously, once the jackpot in question is higher than it’s historical average the chances of it paying out are greatly increased. Even more, if it goes higher than its previous highest payout your chances are further increased again. So if you are chasing the biggest jackpots don’t play the games just after the jackpot has been won. Instead wait until after that games historical average payout has been passed for the best chance of winning big.

Play Progressive Slots on Phone Casino

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Play Slotland Progressive Phone Casino Slots

Progressive slots on a phone casino are the same as a traditional slot machine except when it comes to the payout. These slot machines have a jackpot in addition to the regular payouts. Every time a player uses the machine the Progressive jackpot increases until someone wins. There are no partial payouts on the progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots are harder to win. On a progressive slot there will be a regular line for regular play as well. On the progressive line you may have to get either 3 complete symbols if the machine is a 3 window or 5 complete symbols if the machine is a 5 window.

For example, Phantom of the Opera by Slotland is a video slot inspired by the famous dramatic love story! It is a 5×4 slot with 30 paylines. The game features Free Spins with a unique selection of 5 bonus options which have various maximum win multipliers. You can win thousands or even hit the jackpot (of which all Slotland phone casino slots are apart of).

Each time a player plays the machine the amount of the jackpot will increase in an amount in which the house determines. Some people believe that you have to play with the maximum amount of credits in order to win but one credit of play can also win you the jackpot. There are Progressive phone casino slots on regular machines as well as video poker machines.

These slot machines can be a lot of fun. Many progressive slots feature themes, like the 3 Stooges, Hulk, etc. These themed machines keep it fun to play. Also in your quest for the jackpot you can also win regular payouts as well. There really is no sure fire way to win these games because phone casino slot machines are a game of chance and luck. The only way to play is to set aside a certain amount of money that you want to play and if after a few hands of not winning, walk away and try to come back after an hour or so. You may get very lucky and no one will win the jackpot and you can try your luck again.

Most casinos, like Slotland, have more than one progressive slot. You never know when the winning sequence is going to show up. Keep your eyes on the prize but don’t spend all of your money trying to win these machines. Play smart and know when to walk away.

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Play No Download Slots

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Best No Download Slots

In the recent years many casinos have added additional slots. No download slots have become very popular among many and is a regular past-time for the masses. Since many people all around the world prefer playing online slots games, no download slots are especially popular in United States, Australia and Europe.

Most players of slots find slots on the go easy, entertaining and fun. If you’re uncertain about playing for real money right away, you can try the games for free or use free casino cash in the form of free spins or no deposit bonuses.

Since it can be pretty simple and easy to win big jackpots or progressive games, you might want to try playing for real money sooner than you think. Signing up to play for free will get you comfortable with playing no download slots before you give it a real go, however.

Mobile slots are another option for those looking for a no download option. Mobile slots no deposit bonuses are very common and their slots games work the same way as those played on a computer.  All you have to do is put your money in and pull the arm or press a button and watch to see if you win. Of course, it is advisable to review all of the ways you can win on a particular slot before playing.

If you are looking to try something new, slots are easy and fun with a chance to win big prizes. Slotland always has a good progressive slot going. Many no download casinos offer a variety of prizes. Look around, try some bonuses and choose your favorite.

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Phone Casino Games

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Gods Of Egypt – Slotland Phone Casino Game

These days you will hardly find anybody who’s surprised about mobile games. It’s obvious the technology keeps improving, so now you can play a game not only in the comfort of your home but also in almost any part of the world. I am referring to phone casino games. Everybody owns a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, iPod). You can get coverage practically anywhere and it is always expanding. As a result, there is a remarkable increase in the possibilities for playing. Let us examine what phone casinos have to offer.

Phone casinos were among the earliest to enter the mobile games market, so they offer us much more variety presently. Phone casino games are provided by gambling technology specialist companies such as Spin3 (a company connected with major casino games software manufacturer Microgaming), Real Time Gaming, PlayTech and other exclusive providers like Slotland no download phone casino. Up until now, only a handful of online casinos using the software from these companies offered phone casino games, but they are gradually increasing in number. There are a couple of phone casinos using proprietary software linked to big online gaming companies, and independent phone casinos.

Before a player can start playing phone casino games, they have to open a gaming account in the corresponding mobile casino. Although it is possible to open an account via a mobile phone sometimes, it is more convenient on a computer. The rule is both the internet account and mobile account are viewed as the same. A majority of the money deposit methods; particularly all the electronic payment systems, will only work on a computer client, although, the player can do a card deposit directly through a mobile phone.

All you have to do is fill out a special registration form on the casino website, enter your cell phone number, choose a country and the game of your choice. In some cases you could receive a confirmation SMS message on your cellphone. As a standard, you could load up a WAP version of the casino on the mobile and then download games from there, this is a less convenient way of doing things; apart from the fact that you would have to download the games one by one as opposed to downloading a whole package of games from the online casino, you also have a choice of approximately 10 games to choose from: roulette, keno, baccarat, video poker, blackjack, and various slots. The size of the games ranges from about 300 to 400kb, so they are not big. It is easy to guess that there are certain requirements your mobile phone must meet. In reality, phone casino requirements are suited to most modern phones. It is possible to do a check on the phone casino websites to see if the games will be functional on your phone.

You’ve downloaded the game, you have your login and a password, and you’ve added money to your account, now you can start playing. You need to bear in mind though, for safety purposes, that in contrast with the online casino, it is not possible to save your password in mobile phones. So, if you lose your phone, your casino money will still be safe.

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Phone Casino Gambling – With Mobile Phones and Tablets – Easy Wireless Casino Gambling

Open Season - Phone Casino Game

Open Season – Phone Casino Game

Playing is straightforward and easy. Receive 200% signup extra as phone casino gambling bonus using your mobile phone or tablet. Check out for additional no deposit bonuses and free chips = more fun and exciting than working or being in a line. Play anywhere your mobile phone works. Download free games for fun or for real. Play roulette, slots, blackjack, video poker and blackjack games. Works great with more than 600 different models.

Getting started is easy. The basic requirement is a mobile phone, a tablet or any other type of wireless-capable handheld device. Just look through the list of supported phones on the phone casino site to find out if your device will work. They typically work with more than 600 different models so there’s quite a huge list of devices to choose from.

One of the nice things about phone casino gambling is that only one casino account is required at signup. One online casino that offers phone casino gambling is Slotland.

You are most likely already familiar with the process of setting up your mobile phone casino user account. If this is something you’ve never done before, then no worries. The whole process has been fine-tuned making it as simple as possible. I highly recommend that you visit the casino website and look through the bonuses on offer to new players. It’s practically unimaginable the freebies you can get just for setting up your account.

Bonus Variations at Phone Casinos include:

– 300% Sign up Bonus up to $300 free

– 200% Sign up Bonus up to $200 free

– 100% Sign up Bonus up to $500 free

– 20% Sign up Bonus up to $100 free

– $10 for free

If your phone can download and play games, it will most likely work as a phone casino gaming device. The best kinds of devices to use for this type of mobile gambling are phones, tablets, or handhelds powered by Windows Mobile, Android or iOS.

If you lose network service while playing a game, you can possibly continue from where you stopped. For example, their system software stores a detailed archive of your gaming play for up to 30 minutes. This gives you adequate time to reconnect and continue your game. If you lose network service and you are uncertain about what could have happened in your absence, all you need to do is contact the support team and they’ll fix it for you.

Professionalism is expected from phone casinos offering wireless gambling, and Slotland is one of the casinos who meet this requirement. Their wonderful online demo clearly displays the steps involved and it’s as easy as receiving messages.

You have access to games like Super 7’s, Open Season, Lucky Ducts, Tikal Treature, Greatest Hits, video poker & more.

Games, bonuses, and features are being upgraded all the time! So, go visit the site for more information!

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