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The exclusive progressive jackpot slots at Slotland are designed to give you excellent chances to win high-value prizes. The average value of the jackpot slots prize at Slotland since April 2010 has been a whopping $158,158. Additionally, the jackpot slots prize has been won every 15 weeks. That is a great record of progressive slots jackpot wins.

The Progressive jackpot slots at Slotland is nothing like the usual jackpot slots you find at other casinos. It is not just connected to any one set of slot games which in the classic progressive jackpot slots form feed one particular jackpot or a set of jackpots.

The unique jackpot slots at Slotland are fed by all of the video-poker, slot-based, and card-based games that you play at this amazing casino, with different caveats for different games. The game repertoire at Slotland is huge and there are a variety of different slot, card and video-poker type of games that you can play here and get a chance to play the slots jackpot for real money.

The large number of games available here and the fact that the Slotland jackpot slots are connected to all the games helps in increasing the chances and frequency of wins and also the quantity of each win is such a large sum.

Moreover, every game you play at Slotland casino gives you a chance to take a shot at progressive slots jackpot there. While the criteria to take a shot at the progressive slots jackpot at Slotland are different for different games, there is a common criterion that you must meet in order to get a shot at playing the jackpot slot:

You must play each game by wagering the maximum amount because only the maximum bets are contributed to the jackpot fund. In addition to this very attractive chance of playing and winning the progressive jackpot slots, Slotland offers a wide array of card games, poker-based video games, and slot games that are exclusively to this very popular casino.


More About Slotland

Since 1998, this amazing online casino has been innovating and creating exclusive and exciting games that can never be found in or played in another casino. They are able to do this because they use proprietary software to create their unique real money games which cannot be replicated.

A huge advantage of online casinos like Slotland is the power that gamers have to switch between games and change wagering amounts as and when they like without any issue. It is easy to move from games like Alice in Wonderland that is full of free spins and bonus surprises to playing the jackpot slots (if eligible) to add some oeuvre, oomph, and unprecedented variety to the gaming experience.

Slot Games at Slotland

Knowing about some of the favorites can give you an amazing head start at the Slotland casino as you will not have to spend too much of time trying to choose from a large variety of games available here for real money.

Here are some amazing games that you can try because they are all very popular and highly innovative both in terms of features and immersive experience. You will love playing them again and again.

In addition to getting to take a shot at the progressive slots jackpot at Slotland, you could also be eligible for different kinds of free bonuses depending on the game and your wagering amount. So, here are some details for you.

Wild Alaska – This new slot game introduced in the beginning of 2018 is already quite popular among the gamers. Some important information about Wild Alaska:

wild alaska slots

Wild Alaska – Slots Jackpot

  • This 5×3, 20-payline slot game is themed on the flora and fauna of beautiful wild Alaska
  • The minimum and maximum wagering amounts are $0.03 and $20.00 per spin respectively.
  • This game is eligible for playing the progressive jackpot slots only if you play the maximum amount of $20 (which is the required for all games that are eligible for playing the jackpot slots
  • There are other amazing features including free spins and expanding wilds.
  • The Wild symbol is the Grizzly bear. You can replace any other symbol on a particular payline with the Grizzly bear to maximize your wins.
  • Those free spins that come with starry skies have additional bonuses which work like this:
  • 3 becomes 7 free spins
  • 4 becomes 10 free spins
  • 5 becomes 15 free spins
  • The wins you make during the bonus rounds are all tripled in prize money

Of course, the above features are beside the fact that if you played the maximum wagering amount, then you can take a shot at the progressive slots jackpot at Slotland.

Chinatown – Bringing alive the mysticism and antiquity of China, this game is a 5×3, 21-payline slot game that gives you a chance to play the progressive slots jackpot when you wager at least $5. The other features of Chinatown include:

  • Expanding Wild and Bonus rounds replete with all Chinese symbols
  • The Ninja Sword is the wild symbol and can replace anything else on the paylines
  • With the scatter Red Lantern free spins symbol, you can win 15,10 or 5 free spins
  • The betting amount ranges from $0.02 to $84
  • The Chinese symbols including dragons, bronzed Buddha busts, bright blossoms, and ancient ornaments take you on an amazing trip to the Orient as you discover your chances of winning a Chinese fortune

Dollar Storm – This is truly creating a storm in the minds and hearts of gamers and has gained quite a bit of popularity. Replete with the classic symbols like 7s, Fruits, Bars and Dollar Signs, the payouts for Dollar Storm can go up to 1,000 times the wagering amount. Here are some amazing features of this game:

dollar storm slots jackpot

  • The scatter trigger for free bonuses is the Lightning Symbol.
  • If there is one Lightning Strike symbol on your box in any slot, you stand to make 5 times your winning amount.
  • If you get two Lightning Strike symbol you can get up to seven spins.
  • If you get 3 or more scatter trigger symbols, you could be eligible for a Bonus Game with instant cash-outs if you win.
  • The Bonus Game reminds players of the classic Top Dollar slot made popular by Las Vegas casinos. If you win at the Bonus Game, you have three choices with the instant cash prize offering; you can accept the cash, you can get it credited to your account, or you could even decline it

Jacks or BetterA pokerish card game, Jacks or Better comes with an exciting set of bonuses which can hone your poker-playing skills. Here are some important points about this game:

  • The wagering amount varies between $0.10 and $25 per round
  • You can win up to 5000 times your wagering amount
  • You get an exclusive extra round that gives you an added opportunity at doubling your chances to win
jacks or better video poker

Win The Jackpot Playing Video Poker

To play this game, you will first be dealt 5 cards and you can choose to keep what you believe gives you the best chance to win the hand. You have the option of choosing any number of cards in this first deal including rejecting all of them. After you have made your choice of cards, simply click on ‘Deal’ again to replace your rejected cards. This will be your final hand.

The minimum winning hand is a double-jack which gets your original wager amount back. The maximum winning that is possible in Jacks or Better is the Royal Flush which can return up to 5000 times the wagered amount for real money.

The Option of Double or Collect gives you an opportunity to double your winnings (which should be at least the original wager amount). For this, you need to click ‘Double’ to be taken to the bonus round where you will be dealt with four cards. If you beat the dealer, you get to double your winning which can again be played for Double or Collect. You can do this round for 5 times before choosing to collect everything you have earned.

Ice Crystals – This 5×3 50-payline slot game was launched to coincide with the winter of 2017. Here are the features of this “chilling” game:

ice crystals online slots

  • The betting amount ranges from 50-1000 coins for every round with each coin valued at $0.01.
  • This games offers premium symbols and trailing wilds
  • The W is the trailing wild symbol which goes down the screen at every spin to expand across all the reels while adding multipliers at each trail.
  • The Premium Symbol is the purple crystal and it is activated when you play with a minimum amount of 200 coins. The payoff with the premium symbol can go up to 100 times the wagered amount

The Lost World – This game was added to the Slotland repertoire in August 2017 and players have loved it for the dinosaur themes as well as some great bonuses and free spins. Here are some features of the Lost World at Slotland:

lost world slots online

  • There are a large number of dinosaur characters that gamers can play with in this Jurassic Jungle.
  • With 20 active paylines, even standard spins give you a chances to give you 500 times return on your wagered amount
  • Awesome beasts, humongous footprints, and fossils transport gamers to the Jurassic world
  • The Raptor is the scatter symbol and the bonus games based on these Raptor symbols work as follows:
  • If you get four Raptor scatter symbols, you get the Wild card of T-Rex in your bonus game enhancing your chances to win
  • If you have won your bonus game with five Raptor scatter symbols, the T-Rex gets converted into an Expanding Wild card tearing across the entire reel increasing the chances of win even further than the simple Wild Card T-Rex

You only need to check out the Slotland online casino to see, learn, and play a mind-boggling number of games that can potentially give you big wins while also letting you take a shot at the progressive slots jackpot provided you meet the requisite criteria for each contributing game you play.

Winners of the Progressive Slots Jackpot at Slotland

Nothing feels like success and no success is as big as winning real money. The jackpot slots at Slotland did just this for all of the winners. They took home unprecedentedly large amounts of money and the windfall gains helped many get out of the financial problems they were in. So here are some amazing slots jackpot, and other winner, stories that inspire.

Debra J – This stay-at-home mother won the progressive slots jackpot in June 2017. Her prize was $315,124, the largest payout for the jackpot until now. Debra is her name and her life turned around when she chose to spend some of her ‘me time’ playing games at Slotland online casino. She has had multiple reasonable wins even before but this whopping amount was her largest.

Her family has chosen to do some practical things with the prize including putting aside money for their kids’ future, paying bills, and of course, a bit of splurging too. Gaming began as a pastime for Debra until she became the jackpot slots June 2017.

John H – This man literally hit the double jackpot as it were since he won the first and the second place in the game Lucky Ducts. His first win was a huge surprise because he was not betting the maximum amount and yet managed to hit a huge figure. His wagering amount of $28 was returned 200 times which gave John H a fabulous win, almost like one of the progressive slots jackpot winner.

At Slotland, there are innumerable, exciting and exclusive real money games that you can play. These games not only help you increase your chances for winning but many of them are connected to the progressive slots jackpot giving you a chance at playing this huge and frequently-won jackpot.

The large number of wild card, expanding wild cards, bonus games, and other amazing features of all the games at Slotland are all designed to improve gamers’ chances of winning and winning big. So, don’t hesitate, make the choice to be inspired by Debra J and others to try your hand at the progressive slots jackpot Slotland.

Best Casino Welcome Bonus – Slotland | 2018

Claim a Free $36 No Deposit Bonus Plus 250% Deposit Bonus for a Chance To Win their Huge Progressive Jackpot



Best Casino Welcome Bonus: 2018

Nearly all online casinos today offer welcome bonuses for new members to make their first deposit and start playing games. Let us look at a little more into detail about what features that the best casino welcome bonus has and other elements of this wonder bonus that nearly every online casino loves to offer.

What is a Casino Welcome Bonus?

One of the most important differences between an online casino and the traditional brick-and-mortar casino is the fact the former offers new players something called a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus is offered as an attraction for new players to become members. The Casino welcome bonus is undoubtedly the most popular and the largest kind of bonus that is offered to new members.

Some of the best casino welcome bonuses allow you to play for an extended period of time thereby increasing your chances at generating a good win. Many of the best casino welcome bonuses are offered to new entrants as soon as they enter their personal details and register with the particular casino. Most of the welcome bonuses are credited only when the customer makes his or her first deposit with the casino.

The best casino welcome bonuses are aimed at exhorting you to deposit more and play more. Yes, some of the best casino welcome bonuses work in the form of free money given to depositors which can be a huge advantage as it means as a player you get a lot more money to play with as compared to what you have initially deposited with the casino. Yet, you must remember that there are clear and fairly stringent rules when it comes to withdrawing these amounts.

Before we go on to the types of the best casino welcome bonus options available, let us look at some of the facts.

Facts: Best Casino Welcome Bonuses

Nearly all the best casino welcome bonuses are the biggest ones on offer by any online casino. They are largest form of bonuses you will ever receive from any casino

Even the best casino welcome bonuses are given only when a new member registers for the first time with the online casino. Once you have signed on and made your deposit and received your welcome bonus, it is never again offered to you at that particular casino.

The best casino welcome bonuses are those that are matched with your first deposit amount. Of course there are other types of welcome bonuses as well which are discussed later on in this article.

Some of the best casino welcome bonuses come in the form of matching the cash deposit, bonus paid in a staggered form, etc.

Importance of Choosing the Best Casino Welcome Bonus:

We all know that money does not grow on trees and the more money we get the happier we are. Moreover, the more money we have in our casino account, the more we can play and the more we can play the more chances we have to make a win. Therefore, it is important to do some shopping around and choose casinos that offer the best casino welcome bonus

Many of the best casino welcome bonus options can double and, sometimes, even triple your initial deposit thereby doubling or tripling the amount you can bet and play games with. It would be foolhardy to miss out on the benefits of the best casino welcome bonus options available to you.

While many of the best casino welcome bonuses are used to match the first deposit that you make with the particular online casino, there are other types of best casino welcome bonuses available too. Here are some of them discussed in a bit of detail.

Types of Best Casino Welcome Bonuses:

Cash Match Welcome Bonus – This is one of the best casino welcome bonus options available to you. It is also the most widely used type of welcome bonus offered by many online casinos. As you shop around for the best casino welcome bonuses on offer, you will notice signs and call-to-actions that say something like ‘$X’ offered free when you register with us.

Cash match welcome bonuses are free, that is true. However, there is a catch. It is important to remember that even the best casino welcome bonus options come with various stipulations. There is not much magic though there is an additional amount of money to play with. In the best casino welcome bonus of this type, you will have to make an initial deposit to claim this ‘free’ reward.

While you can choose to deposit any amount depending on the minimum amount required by the particular online casino, it is quite easy to understand that the more you deposit the more amount of bonus you will get. There are cash matches that range from 50% to even 200% of your initial deposit amount.

So, suppose you find a casino offering a 100% cash match, what it means is this: If you deposit $100 with this casino, they will deposit another $100 into your account. While you shop around for the best casino welcome bonus you want to benefit from, it is important to also read the terms and conditions. This will help you understand clearly when and how you will be able to withdraw your amount. Most of the best casino welcome bonus options come with minimum wagering requirements.

Staggered Cash Match Welcome Bonus – This kind of welcome bonus essentially works in a staggered manner to match your deposit with a higher percentage depending on the amount slab your deposit falls in. Let me illustrate this with an example of what Casino A has on offer:

  • If you deposit an amount between $50 and $99, Casino A will offer you 50% cash match welcome bonus
  • If you deposit an amount between $100 and $199, Casino A will offer you a 75% cash match welcome bonus
  • If you deposit an amount between $200 and $500, Casino A will offer you a 100% cash match welcome bonus
  • If you deposit an amount over $500, Casino A will offer you a 200% welcome bonus.

This is an example of a staggered welcome bonus.

Make Your Own Bonus – This is also a popular option among the best casino welcome bonuses. In this type, the casino will offer you an option to use a certain amount of credit it gives you within a stipulated period of time. This might seem like nothing but it is a lucrative type of welcome bonus because if you win anything during this period, you get to keep the winnings with little or no restrictions on withdrawal.

The money you win in that extra time given to you is considered to be your welcome bonus and hence the name, Make Your Own Bonus. However, like any betting game, if Lady Luck is not smiling down on you, there is a possibility that you don’t make any bonus for yourself with this kind of welcome bonus offering.

New: Tropical Treat
Real Money Slots

online slots real money

Play Tropical Treat @ Slotland Now

Feel the warmth of the sand as you play this exotic slot, promising hot wins and bonus feature fun! The vacation theme will jet set you to the shore, where water sports, sunbathing, and beach activities await. Start playing now to win real money!

How To Play

Betting ranges from $0.01 to $4 per payline, with up to 50 paylines to profit from. Included among the tropical symbols are Wilds and Double Wilds, to help create winning combinations! If 3 Free Spin symbols appear, 10 bonus rounds are won, and any subsequent Free Spin symbols will multiply your win up to 5x.

*If you hit five “Compass” or “Globe” symbols on a payline while betting at least a total of $5 per spin, you win the Progressive Jackpot, which usually stands in the 6-figures. The Jackpot win is not multiplied during the free spins, however.

They Pay Fast

You can literally be playing within minutes, with the chance at winning thousands (or even hit their Jackpot currently of $134,919)! All withdrawals are paid by check made payable to you. Your privacy is assured. They do not require tax or federal ID numbers as they are not incorporated in North America.

How to Find the Best Casino Welcome Bonus Options on Offer in the World Wide Web

There are plenty of options that casinos keep giving claiming to be the best casino welcome bonus on offer that is currently available. However, you must make sure that this claim is right. So, here are some tips on finding the best casino welcome bonus for you to take advantage of.

Shop around for the best casino welcome bonus – Don’t take any casino’s claim for granted. Look at different online casinos and match the various best casino welcome bonuses on offer. Now, compare the ones you like best and choose the best from among these best casino welcome bonuses.

Another important thing to be watchful for is that most casinos keep upgrading their welcome bonuses. So, keep going back to them to refresh and recheck before making the final choice.

Always ensure you have checked the bonus percentage along with the maximum amount on offer – Many of the best casino welcome bonuses are rarely below 75%-100% cash match. Always check for this. Moreover, as explained under the staggered cash bonus match, please ensure you know what slab your initial deposit amount falls under and what bonus you are eligible for.

Many times, in our excitement, we forget to read an important element and that is the maximum amount. For example, a bold and brightly-colored advertisement on an online casino might read, “200% cash match on welcome bonus on offer; the best casino welcome bonus yet!” This sounds incredibly good, doesn’t it? However, in extremely fine print that can be easily missed, there will be a an addendum which reads like, “Up to a maximum of $50”

Now, if you have to compare this with another casino that does not have this maximum amount and yet offers only 100% cash match welcome bonus, you might find that the second one offers the best casino welcome bonus for your needs. So, please check these two elements of welcome bonuses before you take a final decision.

Always read the terms and conditions – It is very important to read the terms and conditions under any kind of bonus offering to understand the minimum wagering requirement and other such facets. There are some casinos which do not allow you to withdraw the winnings made from the bonus amount until such time you have wagered a minimum amount with your own deposit.

All this information and more will be clearly and unequivocally stipulated under the terms and conditions. It is, therefore, imperative you read them carefully before placing your initial deposit in return for a seemingly big fat welcome bonus.

Know that you can decline a welcome bonus if you wish to – While this may seem ludicrous to you at this point in time, it can turn out to be a boon later on if you are aware about this aspect of a welcome bonus. There are many online casinos which offer their clients an accumulated benefit if the welcome bonus is not taken at the time of registration.

If you are going to be a loyal member and are planning to increase your stakes with this particular casino, it might make sense not to take the welcome bonus so that you can benefit from the much bigger and, perhaps, less restrictive loyalty bonus given to long-term patrons. Please check this aspect out before making your decision.

It is better to play with your own money first before you touch the bonus amount – Many online casinos in fact insist on using up your own money before touching the bonus amount. However, there are some casinos that might allow you to play the bonus amount before but there will invariably be a stringent withdrawal clause which will prevent you from taking your winnings.

It is important to be wary of this and always play with your money first. That way, if you win big, you can choose to forfeit the bonus and take your winnings as you will not be bound by any restrictive clauses.

There are plenty of benefits from taking advantage of the best casino welcome bonuses that are on offer from the casino you wish to register with. Yet, it would be wise to read and understand all aspects of the bonus so that you don’t get caught unawares. Instead, you are ever prepared and ready to roll. Go on and have fun wagering!

Casino Bonus Codes

No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes

WR=Wagering Requirement

casino bonusSlotland Casino: $36 Cashable no deposit bonus when you Use Code FREE36CATS. Plus 250% casino sign up bonus on your first deposit up to $250. Use Code MATCH250CATS. All games allowed! WR=20x.

bonus casino sign up

Sloto Cash: $31 Free Chip. Redeem casino bonus code: 31FREE. No deposit required. For 200% Match Bonus use code: SLOTO1MATCH. Bitcoin accepted.

Win A Day: $36 no deposit bonus to try their newly designed site, including mobile. Casino bonus codes are FREE36CATS and MATCH250CATS for 250% deposit bonus. Bonus is cashable. WR=20x. Bitcoin accepted.

Desert Nights: $20 Free Chip – No casino bonus code required. 

casino bonus code

Slots Capital: $10 No Deposit Bonus. No code needed.

casino sign up bonus

Miami Club: $10 Free Chip. Use casino code: MAFC10. Use casino sign up bonus code MA200 for 200% deposit bonus up to $200. Bitcoin accepted.


Red Stag: $5 Free! Redeem code: FIVESTAGSBitcoin accepted.


Uptown Aces: Get $10 Free Chip. Redeem code: UPTOWN10. Get 250% casino sign up bonus up to $2500! Redeem Code: UPTOWN1ACESBitcoin accepted.

Minimum Deposit Required

CryptoSlots: Maximum bonus amount received is $1,000. Maximum cash out for any Welcome Bonus is $5,000. Use Code: MATCH177OCGR. Remember to enter code BEFORE depositing.  WR=35x ONLY Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash accepted. Million Dollar Jackpot!

Uptown Aces: Deposit $20 and get 100 Free Spins! Use Code: 100ADDEDSPINS. Bitcoin accepted.


Casino Bonus Codes
New Zealand (NZ) & Canada


Black Diamond: 25 Free Spins and 200% bonus casino sign up. 


Fair Go Casino: If you prefer, get a $5 Free Chip. No deposit required. Use Code: FAIRGO5 Bitcoin accepted.


Rich Casino: 25 Free Spins on Good Girl Bad Girl slot. Bitcoin accepted.


7Spins Casino: 25 Free Spins on Greedy Goblins slot. Bitcoin accepted.


Spartan Casino: 25 Free Spins plus 200% casino sign up bonus on your first deposit. 


Slotland: $36 Cashable No Deposit Bonus when you use code FREE36CATS. Plus 250% casino sign up bonus on your first deposit up to $250. Use code MATCH250CATS. All games allowed! WR=20x. 


Win A Day: $36 No Deposit Bonus to try their newly designed site, including mobile, when you use code FREE36CATS. Use Code MATCH250CATS for 250% deposit bonus. Bonus is cashable. WR=20x.  Bitcoin accepted.


Casino Bonus Codes Overview

“No Fluff – No Gimmicks – Just Bonuses”


While many casinos limit players to playing slots, there are a few where they allow a no deposit bonus to meet wagering requirements with blackjack, roulette and even poker. I’ve tried to list the best of those on this page. I will update it as I find new bonuses.

If you are in any way familiar with the free money bonuses, you know they require you to meet playthrough requirements before you can cash out the bonus. Here are some tips to increase the likelihood of you meeting the rollover amount needed to get the bonus:


  • Play small wagers. The decreased the chance you will hit a losing streak and bust out.
  • Follow blackjack guide to maximize your odds in every hand.
  • If you need help or have ANY questions, make sure to contact support or Live Help.
  • You can also try these strategies using a bonus to practice.


  • Don’t increase the size of your wager when you’re losing.
  • If you complete a bonus and are under your deposit, withdraw and move on to another no deposit bonus.

Say a casino is offering a 50% welcome casino bonus up to 111€, with a wagering requirement of 10 times the bonus & deposit which is (10x(111+222) = 3330€ total wagering requirement. Say blackjack is allowed but roulette, craps and baccarat are not. You receive the bonus as soon as you deposit making it easier to clear the requirements. You can usually track how much you’ve wagered via the cashiers tab in the casino. Expected return would be from $95 to $190USD

Say a casino is offering a 100% welcome casino bonus up to £50, with a wagering requirement of 25 times the bonus which is (25×100 = £2500 total wagering requirement). Blackjack is allowed but roulette, sicbo, craps and baccarat are not. You receive the bonus as soon as you deposit making it easier to clear the requirements. You can simply check how much you have wagered via the cashier. Expected return would be from £38 to £60.

More than likely, if you’re a seasoned bettor, you’ve developed your own system of playing for bonuses.

Casino Bonus Codes

Today, thanks to the proliferation of innumerable online casinos that offer an amazing variety of gaming options to interested members, there are none which do not entice new and existing members for increased patronage through the use of casino bonus codes in addition to giving them bonuses for various activities. So, what is a casino bonus code?

A casino bonus code is a string of texts, numbers, symbols and/or a combination of all three or even words or phrases given by online casinos to their members. Members can redeem casino bonus codes for various forms of bonuses including free cash, deposit match bonuses, free spins, or any other bonus depending on the code and what the casino is offering.

These casino bonus codes are offered by online casinos usually as a form of promotional campaign to target and attract new players to their site and to attract existing customers to play more. These casino bonus codes could also be given to activate accounts that have not been used for a long time by the members.

How do casino bonus codes work?

A casino bonus code can look anything like the following:

  • zXyP23$2 or
  • 9Free or
  • Code2018

The casino decides how and what kind of casino bonus codes to offer. While there are no stringent rules to follow, usually there is something enigmatic (like a passcode) or something outrightly straightforward (as mentioned in the examples above). These casino bonus codes can be claimed for bonuses and prizes from the casino site.

How to claim casino bonus codes?

Again, each online casino has its own method of allowing their members to use the casino bonus codes allocated to them. The following steps are invariably followed to claim the casino bonus code given to you:

  1. Go to the casino’s website from which you want to claim the bonus using the casino bonus code
  2. There will be a place to enter the given casino bonus code. Enter it at the respective place
  3. Choose the ‘apply’ or ‘claim’ or some similar call-to-action button that will be close to the place where you keyed in the casino bonus code
  4. The bonus will be automatically credited to the account you hold with the casino

Often, casinos will require you to download their software and/or register on their website to use the casino bonus code given to you. Sometimes, they might also require you to open a real-money account with them and make an initial deposit to access the benefits of the casino bonus codes.

Plenty of Opportunities with Casino Bonus Codes

The online casino industry is very competitive and players have a lot of advantage in this scenario as casinos are coming up with multiple innovative schemes to attract new members, exhort new members to be more active, and retain loyal active members. Casinos are vying with each other to give members the best available perks in different forms and casino bonus codes is one such form.

Many gaming zones combine multiple bonuses in one casino bonus code for added benefit. For example, members could be given free spin bonus codes combined with a deposit match code. So, you can use your casino bonus code to play free spins and when you deposit money into your casino wallet, the deposit match will automatically appear in your account.

Casinos also give out no deposit bonus codes to their members, usually the new ones. The benefits of such casino bonus codes are twofold. One is for you as a member since you can freely access different games on the website for free and play them with absolutely zero risks. The other benefit is to the casinos when members are enticed to continue playing games after being successful with their no deposit games. Usually, no-deposit casino bonus codes have values ranging from $5 to $50 depending on various factors.

Types of Casino Bonus Codes on Offer

Casino bonus codes are given away so that new and existing members can get access to some of the bonuses on offer. So, there could be as many casino bonus codes as there are bonus types in a particular casino. However, what kind of casino bonus codes is issued is a matter of company policy that evidently varies from casino to casino. Here are some types of bonuses for which codes could be issued by casinos:

Welcome bonus – Also referred to as sign-up bonus, first deposit bonus, new player bonus, etc welcome bonuses are, perhaps, the most common type of bonuses and bonus codes issued by casinos. First deposit bonuses are sometimes quite big and depending on your deposit amount, there could be casino bonus codes that offer a 100% deposit match.

For example, many gaming portals could offer first deposit casino bonus codes that work something like this: for amounts greater than $500 deposited by you as a first deposit the casino bonus code given to you will give you an equivalent amount deposited from their end into your account. This means you can play double the games that you would have been able to play with only your deposit amount.

Some gaming portals even offer welcome casino bonus codes that promise 200% deposit match. However, there is a word of caution for such offerings. Usually, these large offerings have restrictions on the withdrawal. So, it is important for you to read the terms and conditions before you choose to use the casino bonus code offered to you.

No Deposit Bonus – These bonus codes are given to new entrants as a way of enticing them to try out the games on the casino site without any risk initially. In most cases, such casino bonus codes are issued by new casinos with the intention of increasing their member base. Of course, casinos put huge wagering requirements on members if they wish to use this deposit bonus codes. This is necessary to prevent misuse of the free money bonus types.

Additionally, no deposit casino bonus codes will usually come with a lot of restrictions on usage, especially withdrawals. There could be restrictions on the type and number of games you can play with the no deposit casino bonus code offering. Low house edge games such blackjack may not be allowed this bonus.

Monthly Bonus – This kind of casino bonus code is given as a form of loyalty payment and is usually dependent on the amount you have spent on that particular casino website the previous month. Also referred to as reload bonuses, these monthly casino bonus codes are sent via email and might require you to make an equivalent or higher deposit amount for that particular month before it can be activated.

While monthly bonuses are not usually as high as welcome bonuses, the amount is highly dependent on your activity. The more you play the higher your bonuses are likely to be.

Payment Method Bonus – Most casinos have multiple payment systems available for the convenience of their members. However, it is likely that each casino favors a particular form of payment, usually for reasons of speed and economics. To promote that favored payment method, casino bonus codes are issued to members to be used in case they choose to pay via that method.

Again these codes could be claimed as deposit matching bonuses or in the form of free spins or in the form of free games for a limited period of time, etc. However, it must be noted that payment method bonuses are not a very common type of offering. But, they do exist and it would make sense for you to find out if your casino offers it so as to benefit from the offering.

Big Player Bonuses – These casino bonus codes are usually offered to the big and regular players who play big amounts and play regularly too. As expected, these bonuses would be much higher than those given to players who don’t play so big. These VIP bonuses could also come in the form of tickets to an important and/or exclusive game. Again, these are reserved for the whales and the VIPs of the gaming world.

Bonuses for Referring a Friend – Again, a common way used by casinos to increase their membership base, bonuses for referring a friend could be in the form of free spins, free games for a limited period of time, etc. Moreover, the value and size of these bonuses are also dependent on the amount of money your referred friend(s) play with.

Summary of Casino Bonus Codes

Casino bonus codes are hugely popular among members and casinos as they are beneficial to both. Members are benefited by the variety of bonuses they are eligible and casinos are happy when their membership base increases due to the bonus code promotions.

Whenever you choose to sign up with a particular casino, it would make sense to check out the various forms of casino bonus codes on offer so that you can take advantage of them. Additionally, before signing up with any online casino, it would be sensible to shop around and find one that offers the best casino bonus codes.

Online Casino USA: Best Place To Play

sl_500x500-neonUSA Players – Free Bonus Play Now


For many people the several hours drive to the nearest casino just is not realistic because of their busy lives. In California, a man was arrested for locking his kids in the car while he went into a casino to gamble, but he would have been able to sit at home and watch his kids if he could have logged into an online casino USA.

Currently the USA makes it difficult to play at casinos online by restricting banks leaving very few working deposit methods. However, you can find a few reputable casinos online that still take players from the USA. One of the longest operating and most popular is Slotland. They are offering a special no deposit bonus to online casino USA players which you can obtain by clicking the banner above.

Slotland offers exclusive online and mobile slots. You can play on your iPhone or Android phone or tablet. They offer many unique slots like Ice Queen, Tikal Treasure and Open Season.

Open Season - Online Slots USA

Open Season – Online Slots USA

However, US players have the power to change the law regarding online casino USA by protesting the Unlawful gambling act.

Through protest at the rallies of political candidates you can make it known that this issue is not going away. The issue of online gambling managed to get the American people to put the Democrats into power in congress and now it can do the same for the highest political office in the United States.

If a presidential hopeful is appearing in your state, you should hold a rally where he or she will be attending. By locating the entrance and exit they will use you can have your people with signs and chanting slogans where they will see you.

By making online casino USA a hot button issue the candidate will have to address it. If a candidate can’t get votes they will not win. So if they think they can win by getting the gambling vote they will take up your cause.

You can also try:

Letter writing campaigns: Letter writing campaigns are a great tool as it allows you to tell your leaders how you feel and gives them a good sense of how strong the American people feel about the subject.

Petitions: Petitions are much the same as letter writing except that instead of thousands of letters the receiver of the petition only gets 1 letter with the names of all the signatures on it.

The internet is a great tool for protesting as it lets you pass your letter or petition via website to people globally and not just in your state or country. It can also help spread useful information about your cause and keep followers up to date as well as making info about protest marches by being accessible to everyone with an internet connection.

There are also several social media pages dedicated to trying to get the laws changed through protest. It is also important to highlight the benefits to legalized online casino USA.

Millions of dollars a year could go to the US Government from taxing American player’s winnings. Furthermore, if American land based casinos were allowed to get into the action then the government could make hundreds of millions for schools and social programs.

Legalized online casinos in the USA would create hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of much needed new jobs in the customer service industry in the United States and would there for benefit the government.

Free Bonus At Mobile Casino

Mobile Casino: Free Bonus


If you’re going to play at mobile casinos you must be aware of free casino chips or other free bonuses. Online casinos are not new to the playing field and have more than a decade of history behind them but mobile casinos are newer and sprung up mostly due to demand. You, of course, need to make sure you mobile casino free bonus is from an honest and reputable casino. Since online gambling has grown over the years there are now 100s of casinos online. This allows millions of players all over the world to play casino games on the internet or their mobile device. It is estimated that there are more than 7 million players worldwide who spend approximately $12 billion in a year playing mobile games.

Most free bonus casino chips fall into 4 categories: match deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, loyalty or free chip/free spins. These may be non-cashable or cashable for minimal amounts, say $100.

The no deposit bonus as a mobile casino free bonus to simply attract players to play at their virtual machines. Sometimes, these chips have minor strings attached, like the casino might ask you for credit card details upfront. You have to make sure that you read all the terms. However, most of the time you just need to sign up and when go to withdraw you will need to provide more information.

You can also receive sometimes up to $1000 or more in matching deposit bonuses. You may get a slotland-mobile-wb-250x250200% free bonus. This provides the player $200 when he/she deposits $100 in the account. For new players this is a potentially interesting option.

With free spin offers, you typically get a preset amount of free spins on a particular slot machines. With free chips, you get a preset amount of money you can use to spend on just about any game you’d like to try.

In a gesture to player loyalty, a loyalty bonus may be provided to players when they accumulate a certain amount of playing time at the casino. The mobile casino will offer a bonus such as free casino chips.

These ongoing mobile casino free bonuses are provided in order to capture more players and compete with their peers, so take advantage of them.