How To Avoid Top 10 Betting Mistakes Made In New Mobile Casinos – Part 1

top10bettingmistakesWelcome to Part 1 of this 5-Part Guide on how to avoid the Top 10 Betting Mistakes made in new mobile casinos or in ANY casino, whether betting online or offline.

We will be examining a number of areas where many bettors get it wrong. These perspectives have evolved from many years of experience and communication with both successful and unsuccessful players.

The aim here is to focus on common areas of breakdown in the hope that your learning curve can be greatly shortened.

After taking into consideration the following points, you may be able to avoid the pitfalls many fall into when playing at new mobile casinos.

1) Not Using Betting Banks or Improper Bankroll Management

Most gamblers do not realize the best way to achieve a healthy and sustainable long-term profit from playing at new mobile casinos is to make sure you are not using money from your main finances and using casino bonus codes. You should have a bankroll set aside solely for the purpose of gambling.

Whatever strategy or system you use, whoever you follow or service you subscribe to, you must use a “Betting Bank” that offers built-in advantages. It needs to be separate from your personal finances, like when using casino bonus codes, which takes a lot of the emotion out your decision making process when betting. Emotions are strong factors that threaten all punters.

Of course, the size of your bankroll will be dependent on your individual circumstances and free capital available. No financial advisor would advise one to put all their eggs in one basket, so to speak.

The larger majority of players fail to use any form of separate bank or casino bonus codes in new mobile casinos. They use whatever money they have left over at the end of the week or dip too far into their personal savings in excess of common sense or personal safety levels.

A professional player plays with no more than they can comfortably afford and play within their means after determining how he or she can make use of that fixed amount. Now that you’ve established how much you can afford to risk, you can move on to the next reason for failure.

2) Staking Incorrectly

It is key that you consider your betting bank as a fixed amount. Unless you have an endless pool of resources, betting by its very nature is fraught with innate risks. These include periods of low win rate and losing runs. Your bankroll should be able to sustain you through these periods.

You must prepare yourself in advance for the possibility of worse than average sequence of losing bets, adapting the number of betting units in your bank.

Having a method for staking with a mathematical advantage also helps one conquer the prospect of emotional effects relating to a series of unusually negative or positive results in new mobile casinos.

For example, if you are a roulette player, even with using casino bonus codes, gamblers have been known to have endured runs of losses in a row. During this time, if they didn’t have sufficient bankroll to overcome an unfavorable run, they would go bust.

Despite long term profit potential of using casino bonus codes in new mobile casinos, the vast majority of players who have set aside an insufficient amount of funds will suffer a failure to emotionally cope with a losing run.

There are long established systems with high strike rates which are able to protect betting banks of clients against long losing streaks but only if they stake correctly. That is the basis of winning money in new mobile casinos. You must manage your accounts in a way that safeguards them from the level of risk casino gambling presents.

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Online Gambing Myths & Rumors

Among the many lies, myths and untruths told regarding online gambling a few required debunking. Two of the most popular were that Google was purchasing bwin and Facebook’s real money gambling apps.

Google Entering The Gambling Industry?

Not quite yet. In mid-September 2013, a rumor spread like the flu that Google was attempting to purchase This was said to be the cause of a jump in bwin’s stocks. The original article writer’s speculations fueled a number of related stories on news sites and gambling blogs.

The truth is that it’s nearly the end of the year and, as of yet, the deal hasn’t happened. The increase in Bwin stock was temporary and Google’s interest in the gaming industry is, at best, mere conjecture.

Playing For Real Money On Facebook

Internet gambling has yet to achieve mainstream endorsement, so rumors of real money play on Facebook gambling apps was very encouraging.

Unlike most myths and non-truths, a long hard look at this story showed promise. Always looking for new revenue streams, and with a large number of table, slots and social casino games attracting huge bases of players each month, playing “For Real” seemed to be the next logical step.

The fact of the matter is that Facebook has begun offering real money gambling apps. It’s been slow going but is beginning to grow where gambling online has already been legalized. As the popularity of these apps grow, we can only imagine that Facebook will be a leader in making playing online for real money more widespread.

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The Optimum Baccarat System

The Optimum
Baccarat System

Simple * Low Bankroll * Wins Long-Term


Hello Fellow Player,

If you haven’t guessed by now, my name is Carrie. I’m primarily a roulette player but through a friend I became interested in baccarat.

With his help, I’ve tested everything from systems by Dave Gunas, Robert Reno, Tony Leo, Baccarat Baron, a system that sold for $4,500 and the so-called $100,000 card counting baccarat system. Not to mention various money management plans, like A. C. Butch and Flaming Torch. In my experience, I can tell you this:

Roulette is about patterns, baccarat is not.
If you’re playing patterns (i.e. play this when you see this),
eventually it will fail.

Yes, there are chops and streaks. Sometimes they will continue, sometimes they won’t. However, they are not genuine indicators. How are you supposed to know if they will or won’t continue? You can’t! With my system, you don’t have to guess.

In my opinion, all the aforementioned systems seem to suffer from 1 of 2 shortcomings: either bet selection or money management. A good baccarat system has both a good bet selection and money management system. So, as my custom, I decided to make my own and called it Carrie’s “Perfect” Baccarat system.

This is the second of my systems, which I personally developed. The first is my Pattern Zero Roulette System. Following is a list of why I think this new baccarat system is “perfect.”

Baccarat System Benefits:

  1. Average win is 5 units per 60 hands/per shoe – about $50-$150 per shoe. Much more if you hit a streak.
  2. Low bankroll requirement. Bankroll is just 9 units per session.
  3. Play live with as little as $1 units (online), $5 units, up to $10 and $25 units.
  4. You are looking for ONE simple trigger, not a bunch of “patterns.”
  5. Simple betting strategy. Easy to learn. There are 3 simple rules.
  6. Powerful money management system and stop loss built-in.
  7. Ideal for recreational, hit-and-run type gambling but can be used professionally.
  8. I’m not charging some ridiculous amount thus my system is affordable by EVERYONE.
  9. I’ve found that beating baccarat is best accomplished with a group of 4 players. This is only single player system I know  of that makes a profit long-term.

Now those are the benefits but one may be thinking when there are pros, there are cons. The only con I can think of is that although it wins long term, you should be prepared for variance. Meaning, if you win 7 out of 10 sessions, you don’t know when those losing sessions will be. They could be all in a row or spread out, so you have to be mentally prepared as well as have proper bankroll to play through them. Such is the nature of gambling and anyone who says otherwise is not being entirely truthful.

However, one player won $160,000 over 10 months with a similar system. He did this simply by having more winning sessions than losing ones, which is what this system is all about.

Confidentiality Agreement: By clicking the purchase button below you agree that you will not share, rent or sell any part of the baccarat system documentation you will receive and that all information contained therein will be kept strictly confidential.

Video Demo:
This session profited 8 units in 7 minutes!



Only $17

(After payment, I will email you the information in PDF format within 24-48 hours. To limit piracy, I do not provide a direct download link. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

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