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Casino games are some of the best games around the world where you can make millions of dollars in few minutes or you can also lose everything. Therefore, it depends on you, how much you are willing to spend on betting in the best USA online casino around. When you start playing these games it is a great idea to have a stop loss, as in the very next spin, you could be the winner. Basically, don’t let casino gambling become a bad habit as it does for some people. Whatever they earn, use the casinos money to play. You must understand and create your limits before playing gambling games online.

The attraction of playing at the best USA online casino is winning a large amount of money in a few minutes. You must have control over yourself and, of course, don’t over spend using money you can’t afford to lose because the credit card companies won’t stop until they get paid. Therefore, play wisely. After you hit your stop loss, quit for the day and try again later. Some days are just better than others & you can usually “feel” it. Trust your gut.

Before playing any casino games online you must read websites terms and the history of the casino as to whether they are reputable. There are many well-known and reliable casinos online who are offer real money casino games. Most important is that they are fair and pay out in a timely manner. So you have to be careful before investing money on any gambling website.

Our top picks for USA online casino are Slotland and Rich Casino, whose promo and bonus offers can be found in this post below and to the right. Further, Slotland has been paying winners since 1998. So you do not have to worry about fair results because the site management remains unaware about the results of the games. It remains totally hidden and generated automatically when you play any slot game.

If you win any of the games at our recommended best USA online casino games websites, they will transfer the complete amount via your withdrawal method as per the website policy. Usually, it takes 3 to 5 days to receive the funds in your bank, credit card, bitcoin account or ewallet as per the casino policy.

Internet Gambling Casino Sites

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We have compiled this “directory site” of internet gambling sites over the years. Over time, we have weeded out the worst and kept the best. Rated for customer service, FUN & EXCITEMENT! Take a look throughout the site. You are sure to find what you’re looking for to meet your internet gambling needs.

Whether you want to play in your Internet browser, on your mobile device (Android, iPad or iPhone) or simply download the software to your computer for the best internet casino experience, we have something for everyone.

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High Rollers Casino Bonuses

High Rollers Casino


luxuryhighrollercasinoLuxury Casino is offering 1000 Free highrollers casino bonuses on your first 5 deposits. Click Here

titanCasino Titan is offering a Sizzling Bonus worth up to $3000 on Slots & Table Games for high rollers. $1000 on your first deposit, $900 on 2nd deposit and $600 on 3rd deposit. Just register and start playing!

GrandMacaoHighRollersCasinoHigh Rollers get 300% up to $3000 for Slots
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Get 150% up to $1500 for Table Games.

Top U.S. and Canadian Online Slots & Mobile Slots Casino

mobile casino

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Top US & Canadian Mobile Slots Casino

Slotland Slots Casino & Mobile Casino is offering a Free $28 No Deposit Bonus, plus a 200% welcome bonus to try out their casino. It features over 25 unique slots with 12 optimized for mobile gambling including Air Mail, Ice Queen, Turbo GT, Carnival, Greatest Hits, Double Luck, Fruit Mania, Pearls of Atlantis, Tikal Treasure, Jewels of the Ancients, Witch’s Brew, Lucky Ducts and coming soon, Dollar Storm. They’ve been offering mobile games since 2004.

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Advantages of Slotland
Mobile Gambling:

  • No download necessary – you can play Slotland Mobile games directly in your mobile phone or tablet web browser.
  • Choose from over 25 unique slots games available via mobile.
  • Compatibility with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Android phones and tablets as well as Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones. Players do not have to install any application on their mobile device, they can start playing and depositing in just a few minutes.
  • Slotland Mobile is one of the few mobile casinos available for iPhone and iPad!
  • Attractive games known by players from Slotland online slots casino.
  • Players share one account for Slotland online casino and Slotland Mobile.
  • Very straightforward registration and depositing process optimized for mobile users.

Deposit methods include Credit/Debit Cards, NETeller, MoneyBookers, InstaDebit and Bank Wire.

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Tales and Tricks to Winning at Slots

Whether it’s the whirring noises or the flashing lights or just the sound of money piling up accompanied by the ding of winning bells, many people are attracted to the slot machines.  Playing the slot machines can be a lot of fun, especially if you end up winning.  There are a few tricks you can implement into your slot playing so you increase your chances of winning a few rounds or even the big jackpot.

Tip 1: Know your Machine

Some machines have a limit in regards to how many coins you can play.  That means that sometimes you won’t be the winner of a major jackpot because you can only put in a certain amount of coins and the jackpot usually happens based on the number of spins.  It’s called gambling for a reason, you don’t always get the chance to win.

Tip 2: Machine Selection

Play machines with 3 reels, rather than 4. You decrease your odds by millions when you play a 4 reel machine.

Tip 3: Maximum Coins

If you’re going to play on a slot machine you should use the maximum coins you can so your chances increase at winning a higher payout or even the jackpot.

Tip 4: Look For Loose Machines

Before you start playing slot machines you should know the percentage for paybacks.  Some places offer a 90 percent or better payback. You only want to play the machines with at least a 96% payout. Casinos never place 2 loose machines next to each other. Try to stick to machines in high traffic areas. These are usually the loosest.

Tip 5:  Keep a Budget

If you don’t have the means to gamble away your wallet you need to set a budget for yourself.  It’s so easy to just put “one” more coin in the slot machine.  Soon you’ll find yourself wondering what happened to your dinner money.  The jackpot is rare so don’t play until you win it play until your budget is gone.  The best way to do that is to have your bills already converted to coins and put them in a bucket already so you aren’t going back and converting more bills into coins.  You can choose to either set aside all your winnings or to use your winnings to keep playing longer until you don’t have any more coins.

Tip 6: Inexpensive Machines

Some games are inexpensive so you can still get the thrill of winning a jackpot without paying out nearly as much.

Tip 7: Two or More Coins

Sometimes the best way to win is to actually put out a little more which you can do when you have the option of putting two or possibly three coins in your machine at once.

Tip 8: Smaller Budget

In order to get the most out of your money (small budget or not) is to find machines that are going to have a higher payout.  Progressive slots found online usually have a lower payout than slot machines within a casino.

Tip 9: Jackpot

Once you hit the jackpot (whether it’s your first round or your twentieth) you should consider ending because you’re not likely to hit the jackpot again.

Tip 10: Progressives

Do not play progressive machines. Play the non-progressive, or flat rate, machines.

The slot machine is based off of chance and the statistics of a few wheels stopping on matching pictures or numbers.  People do win with slot machines because there are a few combinations that are considered lucky enough to be a win.  Playing on slot machines is about having fun and perhaps offers a slight distraction from every day stresses.  Have fun and good luck.

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