Explanation of Types of Roulette – Clarification

It has come to my attention that some players are confused about what I mean between live dealer, airball and RNG/software roulette. So I’ve decided to make this post to clarify between the different types:

1. First is Live Dealer (recommended): This has a real, live person spinning the wheel.



2. Airball Roulette Machines (not recommended, unless thoroughly tested)

The first picture shows an airball machine inside a land casino.


The second picture below shows a type of airball wheel with a computer-generated table layout called Live Auto Roulette.


 3. Last is software-generated, or RNG (random number generator) – not recommended.


To be clear, numbers 2 and 3
are NOT live dealer roulette.
Again, in picture above, on the left is LIVE dealer and on the right is NOT.