Gambling Apps

Pros & Cons of Gambling Apps

Compared to a real casino experience, here are some of the considerable pros and cons of gambling apps:


1. Hot Bonuses

Mobile gambling and gambling apps are a huge and competitive business for most online casinos. Thus, to entice the player on-the-go they typically have special bonuses just for mobile players.

2. Extended Rules

According to experienced mobile gambling has better rules compared to physical casinos.

3. Cozy Gambling

Of course, playing on your mobile device is a more convenient way to have fun in the comfort of home – or wherever you are.


1. Patience

Cashing out can take a little longer than in a real casino. It is advised to use a debit card to speed withdrawals as some can take up to 2-4 weeks.

2. No Face-to-Face Customer Service

Sites usually offer toll-free calls, live chat and email support which usually resolve most issues within 24 hours or less, as compared to just talking to a casino manager, for example.

3. They have the final word.

With mobile gambling, when it comes to disputes, one may have to deal with the casino having the final word but there are many support forums online that help players in many cases.

With this information, now you can weigh the differences between live and online play. As long as you don’t get carried away, playing on your Android, IOS phone or tablet has many advantages.

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