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Gambling in Germany has a long history and can be traced back as far as the period of the Roman Empire which extended from the Norwegian Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. Gambling was a typical Roman pastime, and it is but natural that the culture quickly spreads to the places they conquered as well.

Before German casinos became popular online, gambling was widespread in Germany in the traditional land-based gambling dens. The first public casino was set up in 1720 and is considered to be one of the oldest casinos in the world. Today, German casinos are a vibrant scene and is very popular among the German population.

German casinos are governed by different laws in each state, though the German government oversees the overall regulation in the country. German casinos online are a relatively new phenomenon and yet have gained a lot of popularity among the German people. Poker is, perhaps, a leader in this popularity race among German casino online games.

How to Choose the Best Slots & Casinos for German Players

You can play German casino games in the comfort of your home online provided you choose the best and the most reputable ones. Here are some tips for choosing:

Read the terms and conditions of the particular German casino online you choose and ensure that they are original and not simply copied from another site. This attitude speaks volumes about their intentions to run an honest German online casino by understanding and incorporating the laws of the land into their company policy. Slotland is a great example of an extensively and specifically written set of terms and conditions.

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Read up the history of the casino. What a German casino online did in the past will give you an idea of what they will do in the future as well. For example, Rich Casino is a casino that has been running its show for the past 17 years and still going strong with over one million players registered with them.

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Check out the customer support of the casino. Do a test run and speak to a customer service representative and see how they respond. A good customer service team represents a great German casino online. For example, 7Spins has a live chat option where registered customers can clarify doubts 24/7.

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Check out payment options. Any Germany casino online that clearly states the kind of payment options available upfront is worth investing your money in. Moreover, check out those German online casinos that take currencies other than the fiat currencies such as cryptocurrencies. CryptoSlots only takes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. The more payment options the online casino offers, the better for you.

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