How To Avoid Top 10 Betting Mistakes Made In New Mobile Casinos – Part 2

3) Chasing Losses

Chasing losses may seem like an easy way to lock in an eventual profit but that’s far from the truth. This doesn’t work statistically because of the aforementioned losing runs, unless you can manage to generate a level stakes profit.

If you chase losses you are poorly informed. It takes effort to make only value bets. Players don’t have to bet on every hand or every spin. You can pick your games and increase your chances of winning. If not, you are betting the way new mobile casinos want you to.

Many gamblers will either increase their bet to overcome losses. New mobile casinos make sure the odds are stacked in their favor, so this becomes more difficult to do. The secret is to use casino bonus codes and way until circumstances are in your favor.

You shouldn’t change your method or strategy but prepared for adverse runs through experience and emotional control.

4) Not Appreciating Value

At the core betting success is appreciating a “value bet.”

To make long-term profit in new mobile casinos, the betting odds must be greater than the true chance of winning. For example, in horse racing, you would need to take each race individually and look for the best value in that race but you don’t fine casino bonus codes for horse racing that often.

There is value to be had in every game. The key is understanding where that value can be found.

Make no mistake associating value and pay out. There is no relationship there. A lower paying bet that is easier to win is better than a long shot – or won that pays out higher but is harder to win. That’s like trying to win the lottery on a consistent basis. Everyone understands that can’t be done because the system is not designed that way. There is little value in trying to win the Powerball monthly.

Anybody can have a hunch or intuition on occasion but this isn’t enough to keep your strike rate high and protect your betting bank. Everyone has an opinion about every game and nobody is always right or wrong all the time. So you should always strive to increase your play on value bets, particularly if you can get some good casino bonus codes in new mobile casinos.

In Part 3, we will discuss numbers 5 and 6 in our Top 10 Betting Mistakes series.

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