Online Gambing Myths & Rumors

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Among the many lies, myths and untruths told regarding online gambling a few required debunking. Two of the most popular were that Google was purchasing bwin and Facebook’s real money gambling apps.

Google Entering The Gambling Industry?

Not quite yet. In mid-September 2013, a rumor spread like the flu that Google was attempting to purchase This was said to be the cause of a jump in bwin’s stocks. The original article writer’s speculations fueled a number of related stories on news sites and gambling blogs.

The truth is that it’s nearly the end of the year and, as of yet, the deal hasn’t happened. The increase in Bwin stock was temporary and Google’s interest in the gaming industry is, at best, mere conjecture.

Playing For Real Money On Facebook

Internet gambling has yet to achieve mainstream endorsement, so rumors of real money play on Facebook gambling apps was very encouraging.

Unlike most myths and non-truths, a long hard look at this story showed promise. Always looking for new revenue streams, and with a large number of table, slots and social casino games attracting huge bases of players each month, playing “For Real” seemed to be the next logical step.

The fact of the matter is that Facebook has begun offering real money gambling apps. It’s been slow going but is beginning to grow where gambling online has already been legalized. As the popularity of these apps grow, we can only imagine that Facebook will be a leader in making playing online for real money more widespread.

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