The Optimum Baccarat System

The Optimum
Baccarat System

Simple * Low Bankroll * Wins Long-Term


Hello Fellow Player,

If you haven’t guessed by now, my name is Carrie. I’m primarily a roulette player but through a friend I became interested in baccarat.

With his help, I’ve tested everything from systems by Dave Gunas, Robert Reno, Tony Leo, Baccarat Baron, a system that sold for $4,500 and the so-called $100,000 card counting baccarat system. Not to mention various money management plans, like A. C. Butch and Flaming Torch. In my experience, I can tell you this:

Roulette is about patterns, baccarat is not.
If you’re playing patterns (i.e. play this when you see this),
eventually it will fail.

Yes, there are chops and streaks. Sometimes they will continue, sometimes they won’t. However, they are not genuine indicators. How are you supposed to know if they will or won’t continue? You can’t! With my system, you don’t have to guess.

In my opinion, all the aforementioned systems seem to suffer from 1 of 2 shortcomings: either bet selection or money management. A good baccarat system has both a good bet selection and money management system. So, as my custom, I decided to make my own and called it Carrie’s “Perfect” Baccarat system.

This is the second of my systems, which I personally developed. The first is my Pattern Zero Roulette System. Following is a list of why I think this new baccarat system is “perfect.”

Baccarat System Benefits:

  1. Average win is 5 units per 60 hands/per shoe – about $50-$150 per shoe. Much more if you hit a streak.
  2. Low bankroll requirement. Bankroll is just 9 units per session.
  3. Play live with as little as $1 units (online), $5 units, up to $10 and $25 units.
  4. You are looking for ONE simple trigger, not a bunch of “patterns.”
  5. Simple betting strategy. Easy to learn. There are 3 simple rules.
  6. Powerful money management system and stop loss built-in.
  7. Ideal for recreational, hit-and-run type gambling but can be used professionally.
  8. I’m not charging some ridiculous amount thus my system is affordable by EVERYONE.
  9. I’ve found that beating baccarat is best accomplished with a group of 4 players. This is only single player system I know  of that makes a profit long-term.

Now those are the benefits but one may be thinking when there are pros, there are cons. The only con I can think of is that although it wins long term, you should be prepared for variance. Meaning, if you win 7 out of 10 sessions, you don’t know when those losing sessions will be. They could be all in a row or spread out, so you have to be mentally prepared as well as have proper bankroll to play through them. Such is the nature of gambling and anyone who says otherwise is not being entirely truthful.

However, one player won $160,000 over 10 months with a similar system. He did this simply by having more winning sessions than losing ones, which is what this system is all about.

Confidentiality Agreement: By clicking the purchase button below you agree that you will not share, rent or sell any part of the baccarat system documentation you will receive and that all information contained therein will be kept strictly confidential.

Video Demo:
This session profited 8 units in 7 minutes!



Only $17

(After payment, I will email you the information in PDF format within 24-48 hours. To limit piracy, I do not provide a direct download link. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

FREE BONUS:  When you order today, you will also receive “How Professionals Achieve A 100% Win Rate In Baccarat” as a Free Bonus!

43 thoughts on “The Optimum Baccarat System

  1. Hi Carrie, I have your roulette system already. I like to purchase the baccarat system. Over here in Australia when you win with a six they only pay half your bet, when it wins on Banker.
    Would your system achieve similar or same results on Player as there is no charge on that?

    • Hi Joseph. No you would not achieve similar results on Player as there is a slight advantage to banker, which is probably why in Australia they’ve “adjusted” for that. Casinos miss nothing and will do everything they can to diminish any advantage players might have, no matter how slight. Best wishes, Carrie

  2. Hi Carrie,
    I am interested in purchasing your system, but before I do that, I would like to have a couple of questions answered:

    Does your system involve flat bets or a progression? If it is a progression, is it a negative progression and what is the highest amount you bet?


    • Hi, bankroll is 9 units per session. You will play either 2, 3 or 4 units
      at a time. For example, if you lose the 2 unit bet, you then bet 3 units, after this 4
      units. Then stop this session if stop-loss of 9 units is reached. thanks

  3. Hi Carrie! I really enjoyed using your roulette/baccarat systems that I purchased a few years ago. You really know your stuff! Unfortunately guide that you e-mailed me was on my phone which was stolen. Do you have any record of me purchasing your information? If you do , would you be you be kind enough to resend it again to my email address thank you so much Carrie!

  4. Hi, Carrie,

    I enjoyed your video of 8 units in 7 minutes. Very impressive! I’m interested in your Baccarat System . Do you have to start at the beginning of the shoe, or can you start in the middle of a shoe? Or does it matter where you begin to bet in a shoe? Thanks for answering, and best wishes

  5. Hi carrie,

    I am a newbie and would love to purchase both the roulette and baracat system.But would like to know how newbie friendly is your system.


    • Hi Austin. I assume you already know the basics of how to play roulette and baccarat. So when you say “newbie” you mean how easy is it? That’s not something I can answer for everyone, as what’s easy for one person may not be so for another. I would say if you are looking for a really easy and really simple way to win casino games designed to be in the casino’s favor, I suggest this does not exist. As with any system that actually works, there will be a learning curve. The more you play and the more experience you gain, the better you will be. Plus, the systems are very reasonably priced, so no huge investment required to find out. But, no, I would not tell someone this is really easy and you can start playing today, right away and make a ton of money 🙂 That’s not the mindset of professional gamblers. Hope that answers your question. Thanks for writing.

  6. Hello Carrie,

    If your average win is about 5 units, what is the average loss units per 60 hands? Or is it your seesion buy in of 9?

    Will this system work for No Commission Dragon Banker7?
    Dragon is 3 cards total 7 .It pays 40 times and if you dont bet on Dragon , you wont get pay for winning hand.

    Thank you,

    • Yes, it is your session buy in of 9. It works for traditional baccarat with 5%
      commission or less. I cannot vouch for any other version. The goal of any professional gambling system to produce a profit despite any losses, not try to win every session. Best wishes.

  7. Hi,
    I am very intrigued by your description, then they all sound good initially. Otherwise there would be no buyers. I’m curious to know how rigorously you tested your method, as your stated benefits seem very optimistic. Particularly the average wins per shoe.

  8. Seeing as your system bets “Banker” ONLY.
    Where does that leave those of us who can ONLY play in Casinos that offer “Super 6” Baccarat?
    In the “Super 6” Baccarat game, you ONLY receive 50% of your Bet wagered on Banker, EVERY time that the Banker has a winning total of 6.
    If your method can “beat” this “Super 6 Game”, then I WILL purchase your method.
    Please supply “Statistics” to support your answer?
    Best regards,….M..J…..

    • Hi MJ

      Sorry, this system is not for B6 baccarat. Actually one of the rules states to not use this system for B6. Your other option would be to play online. thanks for writing, Carrie

  9. Hi,carrie ,you method look like a lot of good review ,May i know you method only bet on Banker ? Why only bet on Banker ? Since you try a lot of system out there ,do you know Alvin Tuarez baccarat system ?

    Thank You

    • Hi Louis

      The strategy of betting on banker is more effective because banker
      mathematically wins more than player. No, I’ve never tried the Alvin Tuarez system. Thanks.

  10. Good afternoon Carrie,

    I am very interested in your system, as I am currently playing a version of Tony Leo’s system but hate all of the progressions required.
    My question is, from watching the video it appears this is a Banker only system. Is that correct?


  11. HI Carrie, just wanted to let you know that I love your roulette system. Being a bit slow in my old age I am reading through it a few times to make sure I have it right.

    I think the price you are selling it and your Baccarat system are incredibly cheap, and I will now be buying your Baccarat system as well.

    I couldn’t believe “Pascall”. If he can’t afford $17 then I think he should look for something else to do with his time.

    Anyway, thanks for you systems, I hope to make a nice secondary income with them.

    Take care


  12. And I am thinking about purchasing Dave Gunas single version system, I have never purchased any baccarat system before so I am kind of skeptical about the system. His testimonials seems that many people are making good money. Is the system worth investing? Do you know any pros and cons for his system? Would you give me any advice for purchasing the system? I’ll really appreciate it.

    • Hi, there is a 4:15 minute video on Youtube that comes up near the top if you search “Gamble IQ” and all I will say is that I agree with the video. Thanks for writing.

  13. Hi, Carrie

    It appears to be perfect for my recreational baccarat game.
    Is your entire system selling for only $17? or which provides for general info about the system?
    Is there an another purchase price after $17?
    Let me know if there is.


  14. Hello send me a copy ,I will make a contract to pay for one year the half of my winning…to declair how much money you can see my bank account.

    • Hi Pascal

      Today, I happened to see your post on my blog (it was held for moderation and I wasn’t notified).

      My only thought is why would someone OVERPAY someone with 12 months worth of winnings (and hassle by showing bank records) when they can get it for a measly $17? That’s actually why the price is so low…because people are so skeptical these days they won’t pay much for anything anymore. Didn’t quite make sense to me and I was just going to delete the comment but decided I wanted to respond just so you know I didn’t ignore you. In response, it’s way too much work for me to keep up with someone for 1 year to try to exact half of potential earnings. I just don’t have that kind of time.

      But thanks for writing,

  15. Hey, Carrie….you mention an average win of 5 units per shoe….I was just wondering what the average loss is in a losing shoe? Thanks!

    • Hi, it doesn’t go by shoe. Bankroll is 9 units. When you lose 9 units, you stop. That is your loss limit. The wins average out over time across many shoes. Thanks.

    • Each session is 9 units, so that’s $45 using $5 chips. You decide how many sessions you want to play. However, profit/loss limit is 9 units. So you quit whenever you are either up or down 9 units. Thanks for writing.

    • Hi. Yes, the system works in land casinos and online casinos with live dealers (not RNG). It doesn’t matter what country you are in as long as you are playing traditional baccarat, (not B6, etc.) Thanks for writing.

  16. Hi Carrie,

    I am familiar with both Gunas and Renos systems and have seen both in play. I understand you don’t like the Renos money management, what issues do you have with Gunas other than the cost?



    • It doesn’t work consistently enough for me, especially with the bankroll suggested/required. I think he leans more toward group play, which is fine, but I don’t want to play as part of a group. Regards, Carrie

  17. hi carrie i have robert reno system and i have won more times than i have lost. please tell me what problems you have with robert reno system please…

    • Specifically the money management system failed. The length of the series of bets to cancel out to win the 2-3 units would get so long, it wasn’t possible to recover.


      • Hi

        I’m not sure he will receive your question, as this is not a forum or message board. However, in answer to your question, I don’t remember any of Reno’s systems to be overly complicated or difficult. Best wishes.

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