Incredible Roulette System: Win $100/Hour Playing Just 4 Numbers!

The Pattern Zero
Roulette System

“Makes me at least $100/hour
playing just 4 numbers!”


roulette systemAllow me to introduce myself.

My name is Carrie. I am a 39-year-old female from NW Indiana. I’ve been playing roulette on and off for the past 12 years. What I’m about to share with you are details about my own personal roulette system – the result of my 12-year quest to beat roulette.

Probably much like yourself, I bought system after system, spending hundreds of dollars, just to be disappointed in ALL cases. They were either too difficult, required too much bankroll or simply flat out didn’t work (at least not enough to produce a profit over losses). So, I decided I had to rely on myself if I were going to find an answer. After 10 years of work and quite a bit of inspiration, this “roulette system” was the result.

Now there are those that argue roulette is random and can’t be beaten. Whether you believe the numbers are random or not, whether you believe past spins effect future spins, or not, think about this: The numbers MUST repeat because there are only 37-38 possible choices, depending on the wheel. The numbers on the roulette wheel are not infinite. It’s not like the number 99 can come up. We make it seem far more complicated than it really is! 

What I’ve discovered is that certain combinations of numbers
repeat within cycles of 21 spins. 

If you’ve been playing roulette for any good length of time, you will often notice the same numbers will repeat within a series of spins. That’s because these numbers tend to trend together for a period of time. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. These numbers will run for an indeterminate period of time, stop and not come up for another indefinite length of time. This is what creates the phenomenon of “hot” and “cold” numbers. This roulette system wins long-term because it exploits these short-term patterns. This information was 15 years in the making and you will find it nowhere else!!!

The hard part was figuring out what numbers tended to group together. This required looking over thousands of spins (and some inspiration). I’ve tried playing with just ANY 4 number combinations and didn’t get the same results. Why do certain numbers cluster together? In the beginning, I didn’t understand why this happened but now I realize it’s because of where the numbers are placed in relation to each other on the wheel. This is the basis of the roulette system.

I thought long and hard about sharing this information or “roulette system.” On one hand, I’m concerned because I have no control over how people will distribute my information and it getting into undesirable hands. On the other hand, I want people to know roulette can be beat, and YES, I want the recognition!

In the beginning, I very much wanted to charge $1000 for this information in order to keep copies of it floating around to a minimum, but then people who really need and want it won’t be able to afford it or will be too skeptical to buy it. So in order to address my issues and concerns, I’ve decided to have users agree to a legal confidentiality agreement that they will not share this roulette system with anyone. 

I’ll try to give you as much information about the roulette system as I can without giving it away 🙂

The basis of the roulette system is that certain numbers have other numbers they appear with – creating “cycles” for lack of a better word. These numbers form sets consisting of 4-number combinations. These number sets run within 17-21 spins.

  • The main bet of the roulette system plays 4 numbers, split or straight up, keeping the bankroll within reason. There are 5 other “special bets,” 3 for Live play and 2 for Online play.
  • The roulette system includes 2 charts – one containing all the number sets for EVERY number on the European wheel and one containing all the number sets for EVERY number on the American wheel as well as examples, bet selection, progressions and how to capitalize on the cycles before they end. Win no matter what wheel you’re playing!
  • The Special Bets of the roulette system are the Basket Bet, Single Streets and Red/Black. The Basket Bet covers the numbers 0-00-1-2-3 on the American wheel. This bet actually makes the basket bet profitable! Single Streets and Red/Black are as their names suggest. The special bets online are Lines and Corners.
  • No large bankroll requirement! Does NOT require $1000 bankroll like most systems.
  • Using $1 units, roulette system bankroll playing straight up is $248. On tables with $5 minimum, using $1 chips, bankroll straight up is $290. Knowing what I know now, I can tell you that you’re not going to beat roulette playing flat bets with a bankroll of $100. I’ve tried! Now you can benefit from all my trial and error.
  • Makes on average $200-$250 for 1.5 to 2 hours of play, depending upon the speed of the table dealer.
  • Win rate of main roulette system bet (17-21 Bet) is 98%. Streets is 96% and Basket Bet 97%. The 17-21 Roulette System Bet and Basket Bet plays the zeros, so there is no house edge!
  • Casinos with live dealers are best. Do NOT play in Flash casinos! (Note: To play online you need to know the tactics the RNG software uses to keep you from winning. I’ll tell you the real truth about playing roulette online!)
  • Works on both American and European wheels. It has nothing to do with dealer signature or wheel bias.
  • You will NOT have to wait a long time for roulette system patterns to appear. They appear often and frequently, often overlapping. Once you learn the bets, you’ll be able to walk up to the table and play whatever you see, playing professionally should you choose to!
  • The Pattern Zero Roulette System is a 2-part system. You receive the companion Power Matrix Roulette System FREE!
  • The Power Matrix roulette system brings the law of third and the matrix together to create a powerful roulette system.
  • Power Matrix roulette system contains 10 different number combinations playable for up to 7 spins. Bankroll $260. Win rate 98%.
  • Pattern Zero roulette system works best in land casinos. Power Matrix roulette system works best in live dealer online casinos. (Click here for explanation and clarification of wheel types!)

For example, one combination of roulette system number mates is 4/5/8/11 on the American wheel. The bet works like this: Whenever you see any 2 numbers from this set of 4 numbers appear together within 9 spins, play all 4 numbers for 17-21 bets. (Most roulette system numbers can be played split or straight up.)

Let’s say the following numbers are on the marquee (real sample taken from the American wheel): 5 19 11 12 31 19 6 8 (win). The showing of the 5 and 11 indicate a roulette system bet. It wins 5 spins later with the #8. For the sake of illustration, none of the rules are included here, as to when to bet, when to stop, when and when not to enter. There are 4 simple, but critical, roulette system rules you must follow to increase win rate. The roulette system contains number combinations/sets for every number.  

Take A Look At Some
Real Roulette Spins

Continuing with the roulette system example combo of 4/5/8/11 on the American wheel. Frank Scoblete’s Spin Roulette Gold book lists real spins at the end of the book. A partial list is no longer available online but you can order the book at Amazon cheaply. If you own a copy check out the following examples: 

Go down to page 182, second page of the first set of complete results. At the top of the first column, you will see the 5 and 4 appear together within 5 spins of each other. The combo wins five spins later with the #8.
On page 183, first column, the 8 and 4 show and win 14 spins later on the #8. (Note the column is continued on page 184, not the beginning of the second column.)
On page 188, first column, the 11 and 8 show together and wins 14 spins later on the #11.
On page 191, middle of first column, the pair of 5 and 4 show within 5 spins of each other and wins 2 spins later on the #11.
On page 200, top of third column, the 5 and 11 pair shows and wins 5 bets later with the #8.

That’s 5 sessions in a row with just ONE set of roulette system numbers!

For a live example, check out this YouTube video with real American wheel spins from a live dealer online casino. Enlarge the video to see the number board. Note how the numbers 4/5/8/11 group together! 

European Wheel Sample

Let’s take a look at a week’s worth of real roulette spins for the 0/5/11/22 combination-set on the European Wheel:

Go to the Spielbank Hamburg site of real roulette spins where they list spins from their land-based casino in Germany.

The website is in German but do not translate it as it breaks the form. To view spins, click Kalendar and choose November 2013. Then select the date. Select Tisch 3. Then click the gold button that says “Anzeigen.”

November 4, 2013 (04.11.2013): There are 10 columns in this sample. Notice toward the bottom of the 3rd column, the 0 and 5 are within 3 spins (0-32-5). You would’ve played the roulette system combo of 0/5/11/22 for 21 bets. In this case, the #0 came 3 spins later.
November 5: At the bottom of the second column and beginning of third, the 0 and 11 show within 6 spins of each other. The set wins in 21 spins on the #22!
November 6: At the top of the first column, the 0 and 11 appear together. The set wins 12 spins later with the #11.
November 7: At the end of the first column, the 11 and 5 appear together 7 spins apart. The set wins 8 spins later with the #5.
November 8: The first playable indicator for this bet is toward the end of the 3rd column. The 5 and 0 appear one number apart. The set wins 11 spins later on the #5.
November 9: The 0 and 5 appear one number apart in the first column and the set wins on the #5 thirteen spins later.
November 10: At the top of the first column, the 0 and 5 show. The set wins 14 spins later on the #5.

That’s 7 days in a row with just ONE number combination!

Sometimes these sets can, and will, go up to the 21st bet but most often occur within the first 17. In order to play properly and increase win rate, you need to know the 4 simple rules, including when to start and when not to play. Originally, I was going to encrypt the document file and charge $97 for the system, but then I realized that wasn’t in line with my original reason for starting this roulette system quest in the first place: to get back at the casinos. It’s okay for a casino to take everyone’s money but as soon as someone starts winning large amounts, they can get banned. That should be illegal…but it’s not. So I felt like I wanted the casinos money for a change. I’m only one person and cannot play at tons of casinos but this CAN be done through a group of players. In addition, there are many who are not willing to spend this amount on a roulette system they haven’t tested. As a result, I decided to keep the cost of the system affordable for everyone. So I’ve decided to make it ONLY $39.00, which is affordable by ALL players.

Live Roulette System Videos

(Note: These videos demonstrate roulette system sessions using only PARTIAL combos so as not to give the FULL combos away.)

The following videos are example roulette system sessions playing the main bet. Sessions are in real money mode in casinos using Real Time Gaming software. Enlarge videos by clicking square icon in lower right hand corner. 

This video is taken using a Fun Account at Dublin Bet casino. Since it’s a live casino, the numbers are the same whether playing for real money or fun. Video has been sped up slightly to keep it within YouTube video length limits. Actual session time is 21 minutes.

More videos at my YouTube Channel

Click The Button Below To Secure Your Copy. Questions? Contact me at carrielash at

Since completing the Pattern Zero System many years ago, I have recently put together, got a revelation, discovered (or whatever you want to call it) something that for me is a “holy grail.” Because I want to get the information out, I will be offering this new system, which I call The Holy Grail 7-Number Sector Roulette System as a bonus.

BONUS 1: As before you’ll receive my Power Matrix Roulette System. It’s the “perfect” companion roulette system as its designed for live dealer online casinos. Low bankroll, high win rate! It can be played in conjunction with the Pattern Zero Roulette System or used as a stand alone system. Plays only 7 spins. I made $600 in 4.5 hours using $1 chips with this system!

BONUS 2: The Holy Grail 7-Number Sector Roulette System plays 7 numbers straight-up for only 6 bets consisting of primarily flat bets! That is just $49 on a $5 minimum table. If you desire, you may maximize your profit with a very mild progression. It works with live dealers in land casinos or online – American and European wheels – and even some airball machines. Simply put, it plays a 7-number sector of the wheel consisting of consecutive numbers (target numbers and their neighbors). I believe it is one of the best – obviously, given the name. Triggers, or indicators, to play are simple and can be done using the numbers on the marquee. There are 4 different triggers: The 3-in-8 Trigger, Skip Trigger, Double Skip Trigger and Repeat Skip Trigger. You don’t have to memorize the wheel unless you desire, as charts for both wheels are provided. (A $150 Value) (This system works GREAT on BOTH wheels. If you play the European wheel, this is the ONE for you as it is a PROFESSIONAL player’s system. Pattern Zero works best on American wheel.) 

This is affordable for EVERYONE.
You get THREE winning systems for the price of ONE!

Roulette System Confidentiality Agreement: By purchasing this information you agree that you will not share, rent or sell any part of the roulette system documentation you will receive and that all information contained therein will be kept strictly confidential. 

Only $39

How To Order:

  1. I accept payment through PayPal. Send $39 via PayPal to & include email where you’d like it delivered. Click the PayPal link above to get started.
  2. To reduce piracy, after receiving your payment, I will EMAIL you the roulette systems in PDF format within 24-48 hours.

. You can finally stop losing at roulette. The ticket to understanding the “mystery” of how the wheel works is right in front of you. Now you can learn what took me 15 years to discover and FINALLY start WINNING!

By the way, here’s a Free Tip: Did you know the win rate of a roulette system that performs well on live wheels is reduced by 25%-35% on air ball roulette machines? They DO NOT work the same. Do not play systems designed for live dealer wheels on air ball machines!

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  1. Hi Carrie. Don´t worry, I am a professional player, no need a coatch, but yes, I will need more information after buying your systems, so thank you verry much for your answer. Cheers too!

    • Most people don’t need any additional information outside of the system documents as, over the years, I’ve covered practically every question. Typically, if they do have a question, it’s because they didn’t read the manual completely. thanks

  2. Hello Carrie. Hello from Spain. Can we still buy your system with the link given on the website? The efficiency is always the same in live dealer since the launch of the method?Can I ask you more in privat, please? Thank you.

    • Hi, yes, you can still purchase using the link given. For future reference, when the system is no longer for sale, I will remove the payment link. Yes, it works the same since launch of method. I try to answer questions about the system itself within 48 hours, however I am not a roulette coach. I don’t offer one on one training, counseling or anything like that. Cheers!

  3. Hi Carrie,

    It’s been over 48hrs and have not rec’d the pdf file. Can you please send it as soon as possible


  4. Hello Carrie. A big hello from France. Can we still buy your system with the link given on the website? The efficiency is always the same in live dealer since the launch of the method? Thank you.

  5. Dear Carrie,
    I am very eager to get a copy of your roulette systems. I am not trying to rush you or anything. To be honest I recently sent you a few questions via your email.
    However, just to clarify the pdf includes 3 winning systems, as well as the 2 bonuses: power matrix, holy grail and pattern zero systems?
    Hoping to hear from you soon, as I do understand people are still on holidays this time of year. Thank you so much!

  6. Hi Carrie. I am always a little skeptical of numerical betting systems like this. The casinos can easily avoid certain sectors of the wheel to make you miss. Both live roulette and airball machines can do this by dropping the ball at a certain point and adjusting wheel speed. That is why I am developing a red/black roulette strategy. It seems almost impossible that they could control whether the ball lands on red or black. Interested in your thoughts on this– Jimmy

    • Hi James

      Makes sense to me. Go for it! Just keep in mind that you may need to adjust your strategy for wheels that are spun in both directions (clock and counter clockwise). Have a blessed day. Carrie

    • Hi, In answer to your question, yes the system still works however I no longer play. I’m focused on my writing and theater career now. However I leave it available for those who may still be interested.

  7. These systems are great and not expensive. You must study patiently before playing to avoid mistakes and you will have great results! Thank you Carrie.

    • Hi, yes it is. Maybe try clearing your browser cache and cookies? If that doesn’t work you can always send the $24 payment via PayPal to my email address (carrielash @ Thanks

  8. Hi Carrie

    I do not comprehend that I spent years on time and finances on ROULETTE SYSTEMS AND STRATEGIES to no avail.

    Thank you that by pure PROVIDENCE I found your WEBSITE .

  9. Hi, Carrie. I bought the system, but you actually sent me your Roulette systems (which I already purchased a few months ago). Can you send over the Baccarat system, please? Thanks

  10. Hello

    I paid for the system with bonuses. Payment has gone through Paypal but I havent received anything yet. Can you please check into this for me?

  11. Hey Carrie, purchased your systems about a month ago in preparation for my trip to Vegas next month and if all goes relatively well I will be taking bus trips from SW Fla. to the Biloxi area. My questions are; #1, in your high roller stategy it says use on Euro wheel and down in 2nd paragraph it says can be used on both wheels?? Question#2, can you recommend an honest online casinos for US players? Have played on several and the RNG has got the best of me, any thoughts? Wish I could play on Euro tables as they are much more reasonable re: minimum bet. Thanks for your response and enjoy the stategies I purchased from you. Larry G

    • Hi Larry,
      As for your first question, that strategy is for European wheel. The title “Both Wheels” on the next page means the bets FOLLOWING it can be used on both wheels as indicated. As for #2, no, I don’t know of any recommended casinos. I don’t do casino recommendations. That is up to the player to research. Some US players play live roulette at 5dimes, however. Best wishes!

  12. Hi Carrie,
    I purchased the system today and I must say I am very impressed with how in depth it all is, loads to read up on here! The red / black system is a nice little gem on its own! Just a quick question, I am from the UK and usually always play euro tables online (live dealer) so from what I have read so far the matrix system looks to be something I want to focus on! and is it really possible to make the money that is stated regularly? Sorry if that seems rude, its not meant to, just I really hope this is my holy grail roulette system! I would be very happy with $40 a day! Also is $100 enough bankroll to start with? Thanks again for your time.

    • I would suggest Holy Grail system if you primarily play the European wheel.

      How much you make largely depends on how each sessions goes. If it’s a tough session, shoot for the $40. If the session is displaying triggers often and regularly, shoot for the $100.

      As for as bankroll is concerned, it depends on what level a person/player wants to begin, their profit goals, their level of risk tolerance, etc. Each player has to use their own judgment.

      Best wishes.

  13. Hello. I just bought your roulette systems and I look forward to implementing them. But I wonder about something that you may be able to clear up for me. I am 78 years old and this will help me to supplement my social security. Here in California where my wife and I live we have only indian casinos which do not allow the same type of roulette that is mentioned in your instructions. We have mystery card roulette which use cards in stead of the type of wheel offered in vegas. Will your system work on these type of roulette? I hope so. thank you.

    • Hi, there is no way for me to know if it will work on your specific type of roulette. This is something you’d have to test. Even with airball machines, some work, others do not. I’ve never even heard of mystery card. I’d lean toward against it, but anything outside of live dealer roulette, I cannot speculate on. Regards, Carrie

  14. How many spins needed get good infor holygrail method can past spin history use or is it just always just get latest numbers spins one by one until you got spins amount need for figure out holygrail bets if you lose first set of holygrail bet series do you play again another bet opportunity same bets as first one which lose or do you increase bets second betting series?

    • You are looking within the last 6 or 8 spins, depending on the trigger, for a signal to play. This will come from both the spin history and the most recent numbers. Depends on the numbers spun as to whether there is a betting opportunity or not. If you lose your first bet series of course you look for another bet opportunity and no you don’t increase on the next series unless YOU want to for some reason. Regards.

  15. Does Holygrail work also RRS Random wheel Rotor System Wheels this video is displayed RRS wheel geographical operating principle

  16. So even holygrail way must concentrate seperate just wheel clockwise spins and anticlock wise spins to get strategy trigger or can use both together get trigger?

  17. you suggest that most success comes with live dealer, but what can you tell about live automated dealer. Is this same, or this should be avoided too
    And may i ask how long you usually play per day

    • Hi
      I’m not sure what you mean by “live automated.” A dealer is either a live, real person or not. So there is only live dealer or automated/software/machine,etc. Yes, I recommend live dealers (people). However, Holy Grail does work on some airball (automated) machines. I’ve currently started focusing on my writing and theater career so I no longer play per day, but I don’t know what that has to do with other players. thanks, Carrie

      • thank you for quick response, well automated live dealer possibility is where im from and its basically same only difference is that theres no person behind it, only the voice at the background, but the spin goes still once per minute like with live dealer, so im not sure does the system works in there too or not.

  18. Hi Carrie,

    first of all I’d like to thank You for your eMail including your powerful and promising strategies.
    I’m goin’ to give the ‘Power Matrix’ a try. From your point of view/experience: does it make sense to extend/lengthen the progressions by 1 or more spins (in case the bankroll is big enough)?

    • Hi

      I personally wouldn’t recommend it but it’s up to the individual player and their level of tolerance. If you can afford it and you feel it’s worth the risk, then test it. Best wishes.

  19. Hola, este sistema tambien esta disponible en español?
    Funciona en los casinos de españa??
    Veo que tienes muchos comentarios positivos y me parece muy interesante.
    Llevo muchos años estudiando la ruleta, parecen haber formas de juego con las que ganar, pero llega un momento en el que siempre acaban.
    un saludo

  20. Hi Carrie i paid for your system through pay pal. Will you now send to my address? Because I’m unsure what happens now iv paid

  21. Hi Carrie its been 3 years since you start this blog,does your system still applicable now?Does it work on betfair live roulette?plse update..

    • Hi. Yes, the information is still applicable. I do not play Betfair so I can’t give you any specifics there but both systems work for live play. Pattern Zero works in both live land casinos and live online roulette, although it takes extra steps to use it for online play. Power Matrix is best for live ONLINE roulette. Thanks, Carrie

  22. hi carrie iam from greece and iam pleasant suprised from both of your systems you send me , i have to say that in the beginning iwas sceptical but pattern zero is incredible way to play roulette and its not only this but all your tips and infos helping me to understand that roulette it is not unbeatable iam very happy that in between so many scams in internet found someone who speaks the truth thank you so much daniel

  23. Hi, Carrie
    I have been playing your Zero Pattern system for the
    last 20 days online. It has been working extremely well.
    I continue to study and learn from your very well written
    methods. There is just soooo much stuff out there that has
    no value. Every time I play the Zero Pattern I am amazed at it’s accuracy in determining winning numbers! Maybe there is
    another winning method or two out there. I don’t know.
    But what I do know is you have done the impossible. You
    have CRACKED the Roulette game! Sincerely, Richard

  24. Hi Carrie,
    So far so good.
    Still paper testing at the moment with excellent results.
    I did make a mistake earlier with the system which I have now corrected thanks to your reply to my e-mail..
    Make sure you know the system inside out before playing for real money and then make some easy money.
    Its only taken me 8 frustrating years to find you.
    Thankyou for sharing.

  25. Hi Carrie
    Well, I just want to say I too
    have spent a lot of time looking
    at Roulette systems that did not work
    in the end[long term]. So to actually find
    something that does is quite a thrill!
    Bless you for sharing this information.
    Regards, Richard

  26. Good day to all! Hi Cerry. I like a lot of people want to consistently win at roulette. I tried a lot of systems and software. Nothing worked long and brought results! I once saw one of your videos of the game: the bet was for 4 numbers, I was surprised and could not believe my eyes. Becoming more acquainted with your information, to my surprise there was no limit. All of these other systems just do not work!
    Cerry thank you! You changed my life, I always win!!! God grant you good health and love! You’re a big fellow!!!
    Please forgive me for my English, I am Russian. Great success with systems Cerry!!

  27. I bought the system, and its looking really good. I started out with very small stakes (£0.10) and a small bank. I’ve now doubled my bank!! In 4 sessions of under an hour! So this system does look good.

    I also sent in a good 3 emails to Carrie – which were all answered promptly and comprehensively, so she also has great customer service.

  28. If the online casinos can change the outcome of the roulette (not the live roulette obviously) if you keep winning then does it matter whatever the strategy you use?

  29. Hello,

    I have not purchased/read this document, but I was initially drawn to this page by Carrie’s assertion (made in a comment she wrote in response to a roulette book review on AMZN) that it IS possible to play roulette profitably.

    Her assertion is valuable to me not because I’m seeking a system or a “system,” but because I almost always win money at roulette and in ways it is a lonely place to be. Unfortunately, the idea of a profitable roulette player is impossible for some people to accept into their framework of reality.

    Thankfully, at least the skepticism of others does not prevent me from getting rooms comped at any CET property any day/days of the week without having to lose my ass to obtain the privilege.

    I share Carrie’s contention that there are temporal patterns which can be identified and exploited – I mean, they’re not difficult to pick up on.

    My personal experience (at /most/ roulette tables at /most/ times) is that it’s easy to pick up on patterns, at which point I can often double my money pretty quickly through a combination of inside and outside bets. If I’m having trouble finding a rhythm, I might lose half my bankroll before hitting my stride.

    Philosophically, I think roulette is like everything (life, reality) in that it has behavior, and sometimes the behavior is predictable enough to put money on.

    I don’t know much about Carrie’s overall strategy/system, and it’s probably much better – certainly more refined and methodical – than how I do it. Also, we may have different approaches. I know that part of my playing style is kind of esoteric and ego-detached, and I’m wary of formulas and systems – to me they seem to be a product of the same limiting mentality that plagues the “only suckers think they can win at roulette” crowd.

    I totally agree about patterns and about sets of numbers repeating. Who among even casual players has not observed a a couple of numbers coming up repeatedly, with one of them coming up 3-4 times in a short interval, and often back-to-back)? On the other hand, I feel like ones approach must be flexible enough to accommodate periodic massive disruptions in the behavior of the game – just like everything else.

    I’m not sure what number combinations the author has observed (other than the 7,8,9,10 [American] in her example), but there are number pairs that stand out for me, among them 34/36 and 0/00 – American, duh. I don’t exactly understand what principle or rule to apply to their wheel position, but proximity and oppposition come to mind in both of our examples.

    Carrie, I would love to chat with you sometime about your experiences with roulette if you are sincere and your story is true.

    ME: I’ve been playing for about 3 years and I took it up because my first dozen or so sessions were all profitable, and often lasted for hours each. My original style involved finding a rhythm on outside bets then combining those with corner bets.

    Since I didn’t/don’t consciously follow a specific set of rules, I have had to contend with my own self-skepticism about whether or not a meaningful phenomenon was occurring.

    And so began the journey.

    I am curious about your book because you (like myself) claim to be profitable at roulette and you accomplish this by following specific rules (not like me) which operate by exploiting short-term patterns (like I do). I’m curious to see how someone else does it. I think I will buy it just to see what’s in it.

    At any rate, drop me a line at the email I provided if you ever want to talk shop.

    Here’s to winning.

    – Chris

    P.S. One thing I have not yet mastered is walking away from the damn table once I’ve doubled my money. Fatigue and house advantage start to have an effect on my play once a session gets into the 2-3 hour range. Sometimes I have turned winning sessions into losing sessions this way.

    • Hi Chris. Thanks for writing. Your post was well thought out and very accurate. I totally agree with you! I also believe it has to do with number proximity and, yes, I most certainly do have combinations for 0/00 and 34/36 and they are very consistent! Glad to see someone else has figured it out too. Thanks again for your post.

  30. Hi

    You say the system is a 30 page PDF document. This seems like a lot of information – is it very complicated? How long before you can start using the system with confidence? Thanks

    • Hi Alan. I can’t say that it is or is not complicated as it depends on the person. It’s perfectly simple for me but I understand it completely. Again, for some it takes playing on paper awhile and others play within 48 hours of studying it. Not all 30 pages is the main system. There are additional bets which a person may choose not to play. For example, you may not be interested in playing Red/Black or Streets, so you will ignore that part of the information. The main bet comprises half of the document, including examples. Hope that helps. Be blessed.

  31. Hi

    I live in the UK and have tried a few systems but none has really come good. Will your system work as well on European roulette as American roulette. Thanks

  32. Hi Carrie

    My name is Chris. Would it be possible for you to send me the software to try it for free for only one day. If it works as shown in your video I will then buy it even at double the price at which you are selling it for. There are so many useless software for sale on the net so I want to make sure your software is working. Thank you very much in advance
    Best Regards


  33. I’m a semi pro gambling Roulette and Baccarat games in Land Casino. In times I play the RNG roulette/slots.

    This systems changed the way I used the gamble bringing a consistent winning of about 98%.

    If you followed the rules as it’s documented, HE/SHE can struck big.

    The system is easy to understand. Step by step with many examples.


  34. I was at Foxwoods Casino in my room when Carrie sent me the system, studied it for a few hours, practicing at live dealer sites, then went down and it worked GREAT, didn’t lose 1 session! I’ve bought my share of $25 to $500 systems and this is by far the BEST.
    Thank you

  35. I was very skeptical when I first looked at this system,but after using it for a few days now I can only say WOW the results are astounding,also Carrie the creator of this system is very helpful and her customer service is the best I have ever come across,she knows exactly what shes talking about and is a very clever and kind person,when I got the system I emailed her heaps of times and every time within a very short time range I received her excellent support.
    I recommend this system to everyone that has bought all the other rubbish roulette systems on the net .WHY simple because this one works.It works for me and with Carries help and support it will work for you.Regards Mike

    • Thank you, Mike. Sometimes I feel quite unappreciated as I’m dealing with the mindsets of people who don’t believe it’s possible, have been scammed, think they know it and seen it all, etc… I feel blessed to be able to help people this way, although sometimes it’s hard to get them to “see” it.

    • I am thinking of trying the 17-21 bet strategy. Now i understand you are using it, is it still successful for you, would be interested in your comments on this matter.



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