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phone casino games

Gods Of Egypt – Slotland Phone Casino Game

These days you will hardly find anybody who’s surprised about mobile games. It’s obvious the technology keeps improving, so now you can play a game not only in the comfort of your home but also in almost any part of the world. I am referring to phone casino games. Everybody owns a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, iPod). You can get coverage practically anywhere and it is always expanding. As a result, there is a remarkable increase in the possibilities for playing. Let us examine what phone casinos have to offer.

Phone casinos were among the earliest to enter the mobile games market, so they offer us much more variety presently. Phone casino games are provided by gambling technology specialist companies such as Spin3 (a company connected with major casino games software manufacturer Microgaming), Real Time Gaming, PlayTech and other exclusive providers like Slotland no download phone casino. Up until now, only a handful of online casinos using the software from these companies offered phone casino games, but they are gradually increasing in number. There are a couple of phone casinos using proprietary software linked to big online gaming companies, and independent phone casinos.

Before a player can start playing phone casino games, they have to open a gaming account in the corresponding mobile casino. Although it is possible to open an account via a mobile phone sometimes, it is more convenient on a computer. The rule is both the internet account and mobile account are viewed as the same. A majority of the money deposit methods; particularly all the electronic payment systems, will only work on a computer client, although, the player can do a card deposit directly through a mobile phone.

All you have to do is fill out a special registration form on the casino website, enter your cell phone number, choose a country and the game of your choice. In some cases you could receive a confirmation SMS message on your cellphone. As a standard, you could load up a WAP version of the casino on the mobile and then download games from there, this is a less convenient way of doing things; apart from the fact that you would have to download the games one by one as opposed to downloading a whole package of games from the online casino, you also have a choice of approximately 10 games to choose from: roulette, keno, baccarat, video poker, blackjack, and various slots. The size of the games ranges from about 300 to 400kb, so they are not big. It is easy to guess that there are certain requirements your mobile phone must meet. In reality, phone casino requirements are suited to most modern phones. It is possible to do a check on the phone casino websites to see if the games will be functional on your phone.

You’ve downloaded the game, you have your login and a password, and you’ve added money to your account, now you can start playing. You need to bear in mind though, for safety purposes, that in contrast with the online casino, it is not possible to save your password in mobile phones. So, if you lose your phone, your casino money will still be safe.

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