Pros & Cons of Real Money Slots – Play Online

To Play Real Money Slots or Not To Play Real Money Slots – That is the Question


Compared to the land casino experience, here are some of the interesting pros and cons of playing real money slots online:


1. Hottest Offers

Online gambling is a competitive business. As such they often make many offers to online players. They offer special bonuses to new customers to sign up, like the 200% deposit bonus offered by Slotland to play their real money slots, Other enticements include random deposits in customer accounts, loyalty programs and giving away prizes for particular levels of total money bet.

2. Better Rules

According to experienced online players, online casinos have better rules compared to land-based physical casinos.

3. Comfortable Seats

Of course, the virtual world makes on line slots a more convenient way to have fun in the comfort of home.

4. Fewer Irritations

Issues with drunk patrons, smoking, crowds and thieves are avoided with online gambling.

5. No Requirement To Tip.

Unlike playing in a real casino, there is no need to feel obligated to tip the waiters and dealers to get more favorable results.

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1. Slower Cash Outs

Cashing out can be a bit tedious with online casinos compared to live casinos. You are required to provide identification as well as the wait time can be 2-4 weeks. However, some real money slots sites like Slotand offer fast payouts. With this in mind, make sure to use the best withdrawal option to ensure the fastest pay outs.

2. No Face-To-Face Interactions

Depending on you perspective, this may be a pro rather than a con. However when it comes to customer service, you don’t have the ability to confront management face to face. Most sites offer toll free calls, live chat and e-mail but these can be prone to delays compared to just talking to the pit boss, cashier, etc.

3. Online Casino Has The Final Word

With playing slots online, the player may have to deal with the casino’s word as the final word when any dispute arises.

4. Gambling Addiction

While this is still an issue when playing live, it seems easier to overdue it online – especially if you don’t live near a physical casino. Also it may be more difficult to keep your credit or debit card balances in check due to the temptation to play at a lot of places.

5. Various Transaction Names

Transactions don’t typically have the name of the casino where you play, but instead list the name of the merchant bank on the transaction documentation.

Bearing this in mind, you can now weight the differences in playing slots online with real money versus playing in a live casino.  As long as you don’t get hooked, use gambling as entertainment, why not do both! Enjoy the world that gambling establishments, online and off, have to offer.