Real Money Online Pokies

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Real Money Online Pokies

Online pokies are a huge hit all over the world and especially so in Australia which is believed to host and run nearly 1/5 of the world’s pokies machines. In Down Under, you would hardly need to leave your local pub to play your game. However, today you do not need to even leave your home to play a game because there are multiple real money online pokies accessible from your fingertips. Pokies are, by the way, are usually referred to as slot machines everywhere else in the world except, perhaps, in Australia.

History of Real Money Pokies

Before we move onto the online pokies real money, let us look at the history of these amazing machines. The first pokies machines (called as fruit machines in the UK) were developed during the last part of the 19th century. Charles Fey from San Francisco built a 3-reel poker machine which had just a few symbols. The Liberty Bell was the most valuable symbol. This pokies machine went on to become very popular across the state of California and to other states as well. To this day, the image of the Liberty Bell is considered to be classic representation of pokies all over the world.

Around the same time Charles Fey built if Liberty Bell machine, Sittman and Pitt built another pokies machines, this time with 5 reels, in Brooklyn. Each reel had 10 cards taken from a standard deck of cards. The players would win if they got a winning poker hand in the reel. Operators decided what the awards would be and the 5-reel machine was also a big hit.

Despite the popularity of the 5-reel machine driven by the usual fervor attached to poker, the 3-reel machine of Charles Fey was more liked because it had fewer mechanical parts. Hence, they were easier to maintain and play than the 5-reels ones which had more number of moving parts and called for a lot of maintenance and repair.

The 3-reels machines allowed players to continue their games without being rudely stopped by mechanical failures. With time, pokies that gave away awards become more popular than those that gave away prizes in the form of money. For example, at one time in time, pokies that awarded chewing gums became a big craze among players.

Real money online pokies are not just a temporary fad but are here to stay. Who doesn’t like to make a bit of extra money based on ‘feeling lucky?’ As long as you are disciplined and stay within a self-allocated budget, it would be rather foolhardy to miss out opportunities to win some good amount of money and prizes as well whenever you can.