Free Winning Roulette System – Roulette Strategy – European & American Wheel

The premise of this little system is simple: You play one number – the number OPPOSITE of the one just spun on the wheel! This works for American and European wheels.

It helps to have a wheel diagram, or flat wheel on paper, in front of you. The idea of playing only 1 number straight-up per spin is very appealing.

The drawback of this particular method is it takes patience as you may have to play for up to 60 spins. Opposite numbers tend to come out once, or twice, per 60 spins. So once you start, you can’t stop until you win. Progression is simple and straight forward. One unit for 34 spins, 2 units for 17 spins and 3 units for 9 spins. Play once or twice per session for up to 60 spins.

Example – American Wheel: If the last number spun is 27, play 28. If you see 0, play 00. If you see 3, play 4. Continue to do this until you win. I usually play this way once per session. If you decide to play once more, start over at the beginning and play for 60 more spins. Then STOP!

Example – European Wheel: If you see 16, play 19. If you see 30, play 12. If you see 8, play 35. The number 0 on this wheel has 2 numbers opposite, so skip this number.

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