Best Deposit & Withdrawal Methods for US Players

Top Deposit Methods:

Prepaid Visa Card

First, try a prepaid Visa card, like NetSpend or Wired Plastic. You can load them using your bank account or even PayPal. Choose the free funding methods when possible. Some online casinos still manage to accept deposits using these cards. If that doesn’t work, try the following:

Virtual gift cards

Check with casino support to see if they are using a new deposit method called a virtual gift card. This is a virtual account the casino will manage for you. Most casinos do not charge a fee for this. Use a prepaid Visa card to purchase the virtual gift card.


Another option that is growing in popularity the Ukash cash voucher system. It originated in the UK but some in the US have obtained them. Contact casino support to ask how you can get your own Ukash vouchers.

Person2Person Transfers

As a last resort, try Person2Person transfers through MoneyGram or Western Union. Make sure you are dealing with a trusted casino if you use this deposit method. Contact casino customer service to get all the info you need to make the transfer to your casino account.


Top Withdrawal Methods:


ACH is a trusted withdrawal option from certain casinos but usually incurs a fee. Not all casinos offer this option. Check with casino support. You will need to provide them with your account and routing number.

Wire Transfer

This is similar to ACH but doesn’t require any paperwork authentications. Usually, the casino AND your bank will charge a fee for this. You will need to have your account number and your bank’s SWIFT number.


Most casinos offer check as a withdrawal method. The casino may send you a cashiers check, money order or business check. Most charge a fee, but not all.

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